New polls point to SNP losing ten Westminster seats

Angus Robertson and Nicola Sturgeon with SNP MPs at Westminster

Angus Robertson and Nicola Sturgeon with SNP MPs at Westminster

5 June, 2017

Tom Gordon Scottish Political Editor

THE SNP is on course for a double-digit general election loss on Thursday, with two polls suggesting the party will lose 10 of the 56 seats it won in 2015.

Both Survation for the Sunday Post and Panelbase for the Sunday Times also suggested Labour support in Scotland, as in England, had risen sharply in recent weeks.

Survation put support for the SNP on 40 per cent, down three points on late April, and 10 down on the last general election, once undecided voters were excluded.

The Scottish Tories were up one since April on 27 per cent, Labour up eight to 25, and the LibDems down three to six per cent.

The Scotland Votes predictor suggested the figures would lead to the SNP winning 46 MPs, the Tories seven (up six), and Labour and the LibDem three each (both up two).

The survey of 1024 Scots was conducted between May 31 and June 2.

Meanwhile the Panelbase poll put SNP support on 42 per cent (-2 since April), the Tories on 30 (-3), Labour on 20 (+7), and the LibDems unchanged on five per cent.

The polls suggest SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson may lose his Moray seat, one of the most Eurosceptic corners of Scotland, despite a majority of more than 9,000 over the Tories.

Ukip, which polled almost 2000 votes in Moray in 2015, has stepped aside to help the Tories win the constituency.

Survation found 54 per cent of Scots opposed to independence, while Panelbase recorded a figure of 56 per cent.

Nicola Sturgeon has said that if the SNP win most of Scotland’s 59 seats it will complete a “triple lock” for the new independence referendum she wants once Brexit terms are known.

Unionist parties say any SNP losses should make the First Minister give up her plan.

Speaking before the London terror attack, Mr Robertson said the Survation poll showed only the SNP was “strong enough to beat the Tories in this election, and with polls narrowing across the UK, the result in Scotland may well determine the size of Theresa May‘s majority.”

A Tory spokesman added: “This poll shows we’re best-placed to take on the SNP and say no to the prospect of another divisive independence referendum.”

Scottish Labour election manager James Kelly added: “This is yet another encouraging poll.”



4 Responses to “New polls point to SNP losing ten Westminster seats”

  1. Aldous says:

    What are all these Scots – 56 bloody seats – doing in the House of Pervs anyway when they’ve got their very own Holyrood talking and knocking shop where English and Welsh and Northern Ireland citizens need not apply?

    It really has become so untenable that it is truly astonishing that the English tolerate it a moment longer.

    Then again, that’s how Jewish-Communist/Cultural Marxist subversion of the goy cattle works isn’t it? Chipping away like a cancer at the soul and fabric of a once proud people so that they become a subservient shadow of their once proud selves.

    And Jesus wept while Satan rejoiced.

    • Plumber says:

      Hmm, the so called ‘English’ (Norman dynasty} did a bit of chipping away at the Scots a good wee while before the once proud Scots betrayed themselves at Culloden and settled down for the long game. The more salient point is surely what the English are about by putting up with their “House of Pervs” in the first place. Pride before the fall ? I should say so too. Satan.

  2. Bigmoo says:

    Two wigs Sturgeon (one oan her heid and one oan her face) is all part of the 3 ringed circus. Nothing more than fake/paid opposition.

    I walk passed Wee Krankies Kastle on my nightly walks. She is never in. Light off and there’s nobody home.

    Evidently Two Wigs doesn’t quite understand the concept of independence. Continually wanting independence from the UK to not be independent in Europe is anathema to critical thinking. That’s politics though – tripe like her lying to the masses and dividing people.

    To be fair she keeps good company with Jeremy Fabian Society Corbyn and Jesuit May.

    I don’t vote for paeedos, associates of peeedos or those employed by them. Therefore on the 8th I’d rather take part in the fake paradigm of UK politics.

    • Plumber says:

      The noo Moo.
      It’s doubtful the Old Fish would make herself available to general complaint by actually living anywhere but a hardened bunker – Gladstone Terrace perhaps, you know, entrance in the boiler room of the children’s hospital just rooned the corner and up the rood.
      By he way I hope your nightly stalks are accompanied by a big stick and a vicious looking dog.
      Bagpipes can throw them off the scent too, and sometimes the sentinels will throw worthy coin at you before you even get to inflate your bag. Keep your heid doon mate 🙂

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