NATO to be sued for poisoning Serbians with tons of depleted uranium. 33,000 get sick every year.

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The UK and the US used depleted uranium bombs on Serbia in 1999.  The quantities were huge.  To this day thousands of people are getting sick from the toxicity.  Belgrade has been made unliveable.  I was in hospital ten years ago next to an Italian helicopter pilot who became exposed to depleted uranium, when the door of his chopper opened and the downdraft circulated the dust from a DU bomb.  He became very sick and was terribly ill when I first saw him, without any hope of living.  I visit the hospital every year (I was contaminated by farm sprays as a child), and I met the soldier/pilot again recently.  He was much better and had managed to get most of the DU out of his body and recover most of his health.  The exposure lasted just seconds.  Imagine the Serbians living in an environment contaminated by DU all day every day.  Far more people have died since the war from DU than were killed during the war.  Now they will bring a law case against the US and the UK.  I hope we lose.


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