MI5’s Nick Timothy – the tail that wagged the Treason May dog 

The Downfall of Nick Timothy

The Downfall of Nick Timothy

One casualty of the unbelievable General Election just held in chaotic Brexit Britain is the former Chief of Staff to the «dead woman walking» Prime Minister Theresa May, a certain Mr. Nick Timothy, dubbed by his colleagues and the British press alike as «toxic». Mr. Timothy is the most bizarre and ridiculous character. Having graduated with a degree in politics from Sheffield University he then conformed to the emerging pattern of British political advisors and instead of going out into the real world, real economy and abroad, went straight into Conservative Central Office were he worked as an apparatchik in the Conservative Party’s Propaganda Department on «Home Affairs» (apart from a couple of years spent working in London’s financial sector, the fat-cat banker paradise of The City). In 2010 when Theresa May became Home and ultimately in charge of Britain’s so-called security service, colloquially known as MI5, he returned to Conservative «domestic» politics as a «Special Advisor» at the Home Office to handle Mrs. May’s media and policy work.

Yet, due to Timothy’s arrogance and lack of team spirit he made many enemies in the ruling Conservative Party-Liberal Democrat Government of 2010-2015. The situation got so bad and Timothy was so toxic and out of control that the Prime Minister David Cameron personally black listed him as a prospective Conservative Party candidate for Parliament and banned him from standing for the Conservative Party in the 2015 General Election. Mr. Timothy was not just a Conservative Party apparatchik. While at the Home Office (which is essentially MI5) he showed his true colours and one could be forgiven for thinking he was acting as a mouthpiece and agent of MI5. As with most people involved with the Home Office/MI5 they are exactly that, «Home» people who know nothing and understand little about the outside world beyond the tiny island of Britain. In fact, they actually know very little about their own «Home» country the United Kingdom. The leadership and agents of the Home Office/MI5 are generally not very highly and prestigiously educated, socially inept, petty, small minded and politically and culturally ignorant. They conform to all the worst «Little Britain» stereotypes regarding the British and English.

It was Nick Timothy who was the tail that incredibly wagged the May dog along with the repellent Fiona Hill (another uneducated, provincial nasty piece of Home Office work). Both Timothy and Hill acted as Mrs. May’s Home Office/MI5 handlers and despite Fiona Hill having only worked as a football journalist and for Mr. Murdoch’s Sky News and Nick Timothy having only ever served in the Conservative Party Propaganda Department and briefly in the bankers paradise of The City, wielded enormous influence over policy in Mrs. May’s Home Office and subsequently her Downing Street operationNick Timothy is being held responsible, and rightly so, along with Fiona Hill for the most disastrous Conservative General Election campaign in living memory which saw the Conservatives lose a working majority in the House of Commons; lose seats to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party; squander opinion poll leads of 20% and leave the country with no «strong and stable» Government heading into the Brexit negotiations, the biggest negotiations regarding the future of the UK that the country has undertaken in generations. It was Mr. Timothy who was responsible for writing the Conservative Party 2017 manifesto which contributed greatly to their stunning failure at the ballot box thanks to disgusting and ill thought out stupid policies such as the «Dementia Tax».

It was Mr. Timothy who was an ardent ultra-Brexiter  (TAP – or so he claims.  It seems more likely he was doing all he could to undermine Brexit and bring about the chaos Jamison refers to.  Timothy’s position is evidence of how much control MI5 exercises over British so-called democracy total, not just Treason May.), deeply anti-European (as much of the Home Office and MI5 are) and a leading member of the Leave Campaign to rip the UK out of the EU.  (TAP – There is no evidence that MI5 are keen to rip Britain out of the EU.  Rather the opposite.)

Nick Timothy was the one responsible for writing Mrs. May’s appalling «Global Britain» speech and pushing for the UK to leave the EU Single Market and Customs Union. It was Mr. Timothy along with Ms. Hill who pushed Mrs. May into calling the snap election off the back of triggering Article 50 and it was Mr. Timothy who decided the 2017 Conservative General Election campaign should be a deeply nationalistic, anti-European, single issue campaign revolving around a Hard Brexit. It was Mr. Timothy who cajoled Prime Minister May into ludicrously and pathetically claiming that Brussels were attempting to «interfere» with the UK General Election (when in reality the EU have far more important matters to be concerned with than the parochial self-induced madness going on in «Great» Britain) and pushing Mrs. May to play up to her dubious and counter-productive image as a «bloody difficult woman» in dealing with the EU Commission in Brexit negotiations. What a ridiculous line to take before you head into such a crucial negotiation with people who hold all the cards. I wonder what Donald Tusk and Jean Claude Juncker now make of Mrs. May’s pledge during the ghastly UK General Election that they would both find out what a «bloody difficult woman» she could be during the negotiations!? I am sure they are quaking in their boots after the only person bloodied is Mrs. May and her toxic advisors Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, though sadly Britain has been badly bloodied by this appalling May/Timothy/Hill fiasco.

Nick Timothy is not only deeply ignorant, arrogant and anti-European (and as the 2017 General Election demonstrated for the world to see plainly way out of his depth and way in over his head) – his xenophobia and that of the Home Office/MI5 knew no bounds and extended to the most brilliant people half way across the world in the form of the superb Chinese. Nick Timothy led the Home Office/MI5 charge to undermine, if not destroy, George Osborne’s visionary policy of building a stronger and more dynamic strategic partnership with the second largest economy on the planet and the supremely wise, peaceful, and talented ancient civilization of the rising super-power China. Nick Timothy who wrote the biggest load of rubbish regarding Britain’s exit from the European Union in the form of the ghastly «Global Britain» speech and the self-destructive 2017 Conservative Party manifesto also took his poison pen into action during the State Visit of President Xi Jinping during the autumn of 2015 and again (as his only talent and familiar pattern) wrote the biggest load of nonsensical, xenophobic, paranoid rubbish about Britain and China moving closer together and working on projects such as Hinkley Point C.

I wrote last summer trying to sound the alarm bell that Mr. Timothy and his friends in MI5 were trafficking in garbage regarding his/their views on China and a closer UK-China relationship, just as they have been regarding the European Union. It also came to light recently that the Japanese have been up to their old tricks and attempting to spread poisonous anti-China propaganda with the assistance of the monstrous Henry Jackson Society duping and using British politicians into scaring the public and influencing policy makers and Parliamentarians with deeply prejudiced, xenophobic, outrageous lies and smears regarding China and the Chinese people. Now with the toxic Timothy (and Hill) gone perhaps the British national interest can be reasserted and pivotal relations with both the Europeans and the Chinese can get back on track, be repaired and reinvigorated which is in the long term best interests of Britain and the British people.

TAP –  More likely MI5 are keen to stir up bad relations with China, Russia and Iran as that is the war the imperialists want.



Britain’s Gambling Tories Now Risk Irish Peace


Britain’s Gambling Tories Now Risk Irish Peace

Like a crazed gambler who bet the house – and lost – Theresa May’s Conservative (Tory) government is now doubling down to risk peace in Ireland so that she might cling on to power. Having lost her party’s overall majority in the House of Parliament in last week’s humiliating British general election, May is having to rely on a rabidly sectarian party from Northern Ireland to cobble together a working government.

The so-called Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is being wooed by May to provide its quota of 10 MPs in order to form an ad hoc parliamentary coalition. If a deal is done, that would give the Tories a total of 328 parliamentarians – scraping just enough lawmakers to pass future legislation.

It remains to be seen if the proposed arrangement will work. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has derided it as a «coalition of chaos» and is urging his own party to get ready to contend another election in the coming months resulting from the Tory government’s possible collapse.

Several leading British and Irish political figures are warning May that her gamble to govern with the Northern Ireland DUP is risking the return of violence in the British-ruled province. The danger stems from the DUP demanding concessions from London which would inflame sectarian tensions in Northern Ireland.

For the past 20 years since the signing of a peace agreement in 1997, Northern Ireland has witnessed a period of relative calm. A thirty-year sectarian conflict between mainly pro-British Protestants and pro-independence Catholics that began in 1968 had been largely settled. A local administration of power-sharing between the DUP unionists and republicans belonging to Sinn Fein was forged. That managed to keep the lid on seething sectarian passions. But now that lid is in danger of being blown away by May’s one-sided deal-making with the unionists.

John Major, a former British Conservative prime minister (1990-97) who helped facilitate the Irish peace process, has this week added his voice to a chorus of public figures warning Theresa May that her proposed pact with the DUP could reignite conflict in Northern Ireland.

Major said a «fundamental part» of the Northern Ireland peace deal is that the London government needs to be seen as impartial between competing political parties in the province. With May now moving to explicitly rely on the DUP to govern Britain that official impartiality is cast aside.

The warnings from Major have been echoed by the former southern Irish premier Enda Kenny, as well as by former British Labour minister Peter Hain. Hain, who was also involved in implementing the Irish peace process, said that any deal between May’s government and the DUP will come at a painful price for Northern Ireland.

This comes at a particularly delicate time in Northern Ireland. For the past six months, the local administration based in Stormont, Belfast, has been suspended. Sinn Fein – the second biggest party after the DUP – collapsed the power-sharing assembly over a public spending scandal involving DUP ministers.

Some members of the DUP – who were never supportive of the power-sharing deal anyway – are now seizing on the chance to end it entirely. With a direct line of power from London owing to the proposed coalition with May, the DUP are emboldened to go it alone, without Sinn Fein. The latter is the political wing of the Irish Republican Army, the guerrilla group that fought against the British army and police force during the 3o-year conflict. The DUP have never fully reconciled with Sinn Fein whom they accuse of being «terrorists».

Also, another incendiary factor is that the summer months in Northern Ireland are traditionally a time of increased sectarian tensions. This is because pro-unionist organizations led by the Protestant Orange Order (a Masonic group likened to the KKK in the USA), as well as associated paramilitary factions, take to the streets in large-scale marches to commemorate centuries-old battles. The marches which culminate next month on July 12 are seen by many Catholics as provocatively sectarian. Historically, the Orange parades are organized in a «triumphalist» display or supposed supremacy over the minority Catholic community in Northern Ireland.

An ominous fact is that the Orange marches were a tipping factor in the eruption of violence in Northern Ireland back in 1968.

Since the signing of the peace accord in 1997, the British government agreed to demands to restrict these pro-unionist marches from entering into Catholic communities. Again, now with the DUP being seen to have governing favor with the Conservative administration in London, the Orangemen and their overlapping rank-and-file membership of the DUP are demanding that the marching restrictions be lifted.

As former Labour minister Peter Hain notes «it will be difficult for May to say no to the unionists’ demands» owing to the imperative of her own political survival in Westminster. That imperative for the shaky minority Conservative government is all the more amplified because of the impending Brexit negotiations due to start next week with Brussels.

The Brexit talks following last year’s British referendum to leave the European Union are billed as the most important negotiations facing Britain since the Second World War. Yet May’s government is going into these talks with Brussels not knowing whether its negotiating position should be to seek a «hard» or «soft» Brexit, that is, what the degree of separation from the EU should be, either full or partial. May’s government is in a shambles on the Brexit rubicon. Shoring up a semblance of stability in London is therefore seen by the Tories as vital. And that is why May is wide open to leveraging by the DUP, no matter the potentially dire consequences for Irish peace.

Other inflammatory demands expected from the DUP include the closing down of historical prosecutions against members of the Northern Ireland security forces who are accused of collusion with unionist paramilitaries.

The notion that Northern Ireland was beset «only» by «republican terrorists» is a DUP hobby horse. A hobby horse which is shared incidentally by large sections of the Conservative party and the British establishment. That is why Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn was vilified as a «terrorist sympathizer» during the recent election campaign, owing to his past verbal support for Sinn Fein.

The truth is that other parties, primarily the Conservative government of the late Margaret Thatcher (1979-90) and unionist political parties in Northern Ireland like the DUP, were deeply complicit in colluding with illegal paramilitary organizations that supported the political cause of political union between Northern Ireland and Britain. These terrorist organizations included the Ulster Volunteer Force and Ulster Freedom Fighters. They were enabled covertly by British military intelligence, in conjunction with the British-run but now-disbanded Royal Ulster Constabulary police force in Northern Ireland, as well as a local battalion of the British army known as the Ulster Defense Regiment (also disbanded).

This British state counter-insurgency apparatus carried out hundreds of assassinations of republican politicians and other innocent civilians in a deliberate covert campaign of terror to thwart republicanism and the reunification of Ireland as an independent state from Britain.

The DUP and associated organizations like the Orange Order and Ulster Resistance helped to arm the unionist death squads with massive caches of weapons smuggled into Northern Ireland from apartheid South Africa during the 1980s.

One of the present DUP MPs whom Theresa May will be counting on for support to govern Britain is Emma Little-Pengelly. Her father Noel Little, also a DUP member, was convicted for his part in the arms smuggling operation from South Africa.

Several other senior members of the DUP were also implicated in the gun-running for unionist terror groups, including the party founder Ian Paisley (died 2014) and Peter Robinson, who was formerly the First Minister of Northern Ireland before his replacement by the current head of the DUP Arlene Foster. Foster is leading the current talks in London with May to form an informal governing Westminster coalition.

Given the horrendous legacy of bad sectarian blood in Northern Ireland, it seems highly irresponsible for the British Conservative leader to be giving one of the parties to that conflict such disproportionate leverage.

However, tragically, history shows that British Conservative governments have always had a criminally reckless disregard for Irish peace and sovereignty. During the partition of Ireland in 1921, the Tories in London fully embraced the Northern unionists in their seditious threat to use wide-scale violence against Irish democratic rights.

Theresa May made a disastrous gamble to call the British general election last week in a misguided calculation that it would give her a stronger negotiating hand against the rest of Europe. She bet the House of Parliament on her party’s selfish ambitions and she lost big time.

Now May is gambling with peace in Ireland to recoup her disastrous losses.




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