Manila false flag looks like CIA. Eyewitnesses say there were multiple shooters.

The usual malarkey.  The media says it was single gunman – a Caucasian (later identified as a Filipino who had far too much money for the kind of job he was supposed to have).  Eyewitnesses contradict this saying there were multiple attackers.  That starts the question marks off. Then of course the single attacker is already dead so there’s no way to establish any information about who arranged the attack by interviewing him.  It’s Oswald and JFK, Sirhan Sirhan and RFK and so on endlessly ever since (and before).  A lone attacker and he’s dead so no one can dig any further.  That’s intelligence services at work.

ISIS were not behind this attack.  This was CIA.

In local media a father asks if he can have the body of his daughter.  The witnesses say she just disappeared.  She dropped her mobile phone.  They picked it up, tried to follow her and she was gone.  In other words – kidnapped, I suppose.  There could be anything going on amongst such mayhem.  The ‘sole attacker’ grabbed over 1 million dollars worth of casino chips.  Very odd.

He looks calm as if under mind control. CIA operation. He’s in. He kills. He’s gone. No trail left back to who sent him in.

People ask how did a well armed attacker get into the Marriott which has thorough security.  The Marriott in London was the hotel used by all the crisis actors who were running the Westminster Bridge false flag.  Here again is a Marriott Hotel involved in a terror attack or rather false flag terror attack, this time the Marriott providing the location for the event.  It seems likely the attackers had some inside assistance to get in through the security cordon.

I am assuming the people in Manila were actually killed, as it would not be possible in a community-based society like the Philippines to use crisis actors and vicsims (sic).  Everyone gets their information from television or radio in Britain and America, not from each other.   The bush telegraph still works amazingly well in the Philippines, and any information from people on the spot will circulate from mouth to mouth quickly, and be believed.  In the US and the UK, people can’t take it in that they are being deceived, and prefer the God of TV’s word to what someone says they saw, or even what they saw themselves.

The CIA is furious that Duterte is working to move US forces out of the Philippines, move away from the EU and form trading relationships with Russia and China, maybe even military alliances in time.  ISIS has been launched in Mindanao, attacking Marawe City.  Now there’s a terror event in Manila.  Duterte doesn’t get much support from the middle classes and the wealthy elites in the Capital city of the Philippines, however, who don’t want change.  Duterte is popular with the majority poor, delivering them from the grinding poverty and hopelessness they live in, by reducing the effect of the drugs industry, another CIA operation.  The Empire is fighting back against this dash for independence in the only way it knows – with bombs and bullets, along with the media insinuating that Duterte is the cause of the problem.

The Philippines must stand as one behind Duterte if he is to succeed in achieving independence.   Nominal independence came just after WW2, but real independence comes only if a country can move away from British and American financial and military control, from drugs and debts.  Hybrid war is being waged against the Philippines.  The whole country will presumably rally round the President.  The CIA fifth column which clearly still controls much of the media, and has connections into the Police, needs locating and dealing with.



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