London / Manchester & House of Cards


June 5, 2017 by Soren Dreier


I can’t help noticing the synchronicity.

In H.O.C.5 Francis Underwood is low in the polls. So is Theresa May.
Underwood then introduces a very fake terrorist organization. The agencies are all in on it.
They call it ICO.
Before and during election day – they feed the mass media with information (disinformation) about ICO and planned attacks on the voters.
This means that very few people actually vote and one state is intimidated to postpone the election so that Underwood is favored and to deploy soldiers to ‘protect’ the voting centers……

A  coincidence?

Smells a bit fishy, think?

Season 4 ending: ‘We Make The Terror’

Season 5 opening: Fear Mongering, he wants soldiers on the streets. Now reality in the UK,

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London isn’t even trying to be subtle


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