Lavrov Tells About Evidence of Choppers Dropping Arms to Daesh in Afghanistan

An Afghan soldier points his gun at Daesh militants group banner as he patrols during ongoing clashes in Kot District in eastern Nangarhar province



The reports of unidentified helicopters flying over the areas in Afghanistan controlled by extremists, apparently dropping something off and returning to bases with US soldiers, among others, is a cause for concern, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — On Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a press release drawing attention to reports, in particular, from Jowzjan Province authorities, of unidentified aircraft dropping off weapons and supplies to Daesh terrorists.

“There is evidence that these helicopters dropped something into these areas, some helicopters without any identification signs landed in those areas and then took off from there… Witnesses confirm that they returned to the bases where there were US troops, among others. Certainly, all of this raises questions,” Lavrov said at a press-conference following a meeting with his Zambian counterpart Harry Kalaba.

Lavrov stressed that, if the aircraft in question were used in order to turn extremists into temporary allies, this would be an unwise policy.

The Russian foreign minister noted that this tactic had been used in Afghanistan and Iraq and had only led to the establishment of terrorist organizations.

“That is why we think that everyone who cares about Afghanistan should work together, should not have any kind of a hidden agenda, and Russia is initiating this exact type of dialogue, which will include the Afghan government and all Afghanistan’s neighbors and all other players who are in some way invested in Afghanistan’s issues,” Lavrov said.

Lavrov expressed hope that the new US administration, when developing a policy toward Afghanistan, would take into consideration all factors that could potentially harm the peace settlement in this country.

Afghanistan has been mired in conflict and suffering from the activities of Daesh and Taliban terrorist groups. As recently as earlier in the day the deadly blast hit the areas of Kabul, not far from where the presidential palace and foreign embassies are located.



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