#LastMinuteCorbynSmears: Social media hits back at pre-election tabloid attacks on Labour leader

#LastMinuteCorbynSmears: Social media hits back at pre-election tabloid attacks on Labour leader

7 Jun, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn supporters have stormed the social media barricades on the final day before the election to defend the Labour leader from mainstream media “smears.”
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The socialist was depicted on the front pages of the Daily Mail and the Sun as an “apologist for terror,” less than 24 hours before voting starts.

But ‘Corbynistas’ across the country are not taking the accusations lying down and have started a rapidly trending hashtag on Twitter, ironically called #LastMinuteCorbynSmears.

“Your future Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn puts milk in his tea FIRST. #LastMinuteCorbynSmears,” wrote a Twitter user named Lauren Gavaghan.

“Corbyn buys jam at Waittose [sic] and steams the stickers off to pretend he made it,” wrote another.

A man named Dan joked: “Corbyn assassinated JFK and was back in London in time for eating worlds rarest and most prized green bell pepper.”

“Jeremy Corbyn once took a holiday in the 1980s and is now a tourist sympathiser,” wrote Nick Waddell, directly mocking the tabloids’ headlines.

Some Labour members took the matter much more seriously, however, with one of the party’s collectives, Red Labour, listing the rebuttals to some of the accusations often slung at Corbyn.

“Be prepared to rebut all those #LastMinuteCorbynSmears from the Tories & their media friends – negative campaigning is all they’ve got left,” the group wrote.

Among some of the facts quoted are a reference to the time in Parliament when Corbyn condemned IRA violence, and the 1987 edition of the Times in which the paper was made to apologize for “smearing” Corbyn for alleged IRA sympathies.



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