Jeremy Corbyn – Stop the War Speech – 15 February 2003

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Published on Jul 7, 2016

In 2003, I spoke at hundreds of meetings and protests against the government’s plans to go to war in Iraq.

I was proud to have spoken at this demonstration in Hyde Park on 15 February 2003 – the largest ever in British history.

The British people showed the war was “not in our name”.


The data shows that terrorism ALWAYS INCREASES under the Tories. They are the true threat to national security.

Feat Image: Credits — ITV News/ Peter Byrne

The Tories, amplified by their loyal minions in the mainstream media, have spent much of their General Election campaign smearing Jeremy Corbyn as a “national security threat” or a “terrorist sympathiser”. There is, of course, no credible data with which to make this particular assumption.

In fact, when we do take data into account, it actually seems the exact opposite is true.

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