ISIS preparing second attack in Cotabato City, Mindanao

Evidence coming from informal sources in Cotabato City, two hours from Marawi, that ISIS are preparing an attack there.  The source mentions that ISIS is in possession of chemical weapons.  ISIS are going round the civilian population threatening them with the chemicals they possess inducing fear and obliging silence and support.

Are they intending to accuse Duterte of chemical weapons?  As they do with Assad?  Or are they preparing a siege which will use chemical weapons?

There is certainly a lot of activity.  That would suggest a siege like Marawi is coming there.  It is bigger than Marawi, and the lessons learned in Marawi would suggest a much worse battle to come than Marawi.  Probably involving thousands more hostages taken so that Duterte will be faced with the most awful decisions.

The Americans want an excuse to invade the Philippines and remove Duterte.  Is Cotabato City their next attempt? It sounds like it from the informal reports we are receiving from people we know well.

More later if another feed comes in.

Cotabato City, officially the City of Cotabato, is a city in the Philippines located in Mindanao, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 299,438.

Cotabato City is on the sea, and so could be resupplied from offshore.  The AFP needs to start patrolling the waters, and running an exclusion zone in the city centre.  The longer ISIS has to prepare for their attack the worse it will be for the soldiers who have to retake the city.  The civilians will be in a far worse position than those in Marawi, as the attack in Marawi was triggered prematurely.  The US navy could operate backing ISIS while pretending to oppose them, as in Syria.  Cotabato CIty is the new danger point.

Barangay chair, 3 other officials killed in Cotabato City

/ 07:31 PM June 27, 2017

Cotabato City (Google maps)

COTABATO CITY – A barangay (village) chairman and three others were killed when unidentified gunmen opened fire on them on Tuesday afternoon.

Senior Inspector Rustom Pastolero, the police station 3 head, identified the victims as Mokamad “Max” Pasawilan, chair of Barangay Tamontaka 1 here; Unting Pasawilan, one of the village’s councilman; village watchman Jhonny Pasawilan; and Barangay Treasurer Anday Pasawilan.

Barangay chairman Pasawilan and Councilman Pasawilan were killed on the spot while Johnny and Anday died upon arrival at a hospital here.

Pastolero said  Pasawilan and the three victims were in front of the house of the village chair along Datu Omar Road in Barangay Balabaran when the still unidentified gunmen arrived and opened fire on them at about 1:30 p.mPastolero said the suspects fled toward the eastern portion of the village.

Responding police officers recovered several empty shells for a .45-pistol and M-16 Armalite rifle.   SFM


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