UKIP tactical voting much in evidence as a major factor. In Swindon Labour lifted by 10%.

A few seats have declared with UKIP showing big reductions, and Greens also to a lesser extent.   Lib Dems are also seeing a reduction in their vote.

The total fall in the share of these three parties of about 16% or thereabouts is so far after seven seats going 9% to Labour and 7% to Conservative.  As this is tactical voting, the effects could be very unequal, and the trend in results could go either way.  Big turnout this election.

The only Conservative HELD seat that’s declared so far, could be the joker in the pack.  Up north in the Labour HELD seats the tactical vote has supported Conservative more than Labour, though not exclusively.

In the only Conservative HELD yet to report, however, the UKIP tactical vote went heavily in favour of Labour, cutting the Conservative majority by 3000 votes.  If that’s a trend, the Conservatives might yet be in trouble.   The Theresa May electoral plan was that UKIP voters would save her bacon because of her ‘hard’ BREXIT stance.  If that doesn;t work as at Swindon North, she’ll be struggling.  Putney declares at 1 am (15 mins), and that will give another indication.  TWo other Conservative HELD seats show 4/5% swing to Labour.  The show is hotting up!

General Election 2017 results


Justin Tomlinson Votes29,431 header_vote_share53.6 Net percentage change in seats+3.3


Mark Dempsey Votes21,096 header_vote_share38.4 Net percentage change in seats+10.6

Liberal Democrat

Liz Webster Votes1,962 header_vote_share3.6 Net percentage change in seats+0.3


Steve Halden Votes1,564 header_vote_share2.8 Net percentage change in seats-12.5

Green Party

Andy Bentley Votes858 header_vote_share1.6 Net percentage change in seats-1.7



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  1. NPP says:

    Watching Corbyn arrive for his count result. He looks relaxed. He has leadership aura. He says hello to everyone icluding the doorrmen and security. He’s so peronable.

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