Grenfell Tower – more fake people in media reports

As explained in earlier posts about The Grenfell Tower fire, so far focusing on the 4th floor, many of the identities of the people reported in the media are fluid, have either strange misspellings of their names, or real names but they cannot be contacted, and very often no names.  So I was interested to find an article in The Daily Mail with some real names to research, at last.

The piece is about a tall man rescuing a woman who had supposedly lived on the 11th floor for 35 years, and so you would think her details would pop up on a people search website very easily.  But neither the man’s name or the woman’s name are traceable, even with giving the outline of her address, on an internet search using people-finding sites.

Why do the media keep using names that are not traceable?  By giving us altered names, invented names, or no names, or real names of people who have disappeared since.

It must be that they don’t want anyone finding anything out of what truly happened.  Otherwise we could find the people in the media reports, contact them and ask them questions, and see if they could confirm the reports.  That is clearly not going to be permitted.

The crucial events took place on the 4th Floor of the Tower.  The fire started in Number 16, which was rented from the Council by Behailu Kebede for a number of years.  In some reports (Metro and ABC.ES) he was not the one who alerted his neighbour Maryam Adam in number 14.  She is reported as having said she was alerted by a tall white British male.  Most of the British media say it was Behailu Kebede who woke her up at 1.50 am.  To clear up the muddle, someone could ask either Maryam Adam, or Behailu Kebede to tell what they know.  But mysteriously neither one is contactable, or their whereabouts known.  As for the ‘tall British white male, he’s got no name, like many other characters in other reports of what took place on the 4th floor at 1.50 am onwards on June 14th.

For more details –

If I’m wrong about these two latest, please let me know why they don’t come up on people-identifying websites like  With their names and their approximate address known, it should have been easy to trace them.  I was looking forward to having some real people to work on.  But no.  Same as before.  Nothing doing.  We appear to still be in the land of fakery.



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