6 Responses to “Grenfell Tower Fire: Lily Allen Interview (C4N) (Jon Snow)”

  1. Bolae says:

    Public enquiry???
    Good ol’ Britain, public effin’ inquiries for everything…
    When so many people die in a building fire where no fire alarms go off this is criminal negligence, which then leads to a criminal investigation and should result in manslaughter. The residents of the Grenfell Tower desperately need legal representation.

    • Tapestry says:

      Why is no one considering arson? Who was the ‘tall, white man’ who alerted Maryam Adam, who has since disappeared, and been replaced with the tenant of number 16, Behailu Kebede, by the British media? Behailu has also since disappeared, or rather is ‘staying with friends’. He should be in Police custody and being interviewed closely. Yet the media makes no mention.

      • Bolae says:

        That is why there should be a criminal investigation. Arson or not those fire alarms not going off resulted in the unnecessary death of possibly 100s of people. British media should be reporting this they are the scum. The residents of the Grenfell Tower need to take Kensington council to court. I will personally donate towards their lawyers fees.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The residents will all be paid off, I imagine, or threatened , or a combination. Maryam Adam will not be able to speak freely again for fear of reprisals. Her interview saying the neighbour was a tall white man will never be seen again. The Truth will be firmly buried in favour of the official narrative.

  3. Aldous says:

    Lily Allen has got my vote on this one, even though I don’t much care for her politics of the past. She’s dead right; there are no NOK in most cases – entire families wiped out. Why wait to release the numbers of dead which must surely run into the hundreds? TPTB seem to milk every last emotion and heartache from these tragedies. They are less than human.

    Lily Allen – Somewhere Only We Know Legendado Tradução (Pequeno Príncipe) – UK Band Keane Original Composition (3:28)


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