God Bless Donald Trump

Protesters Disrupt Trump Assassination Play! | Laura Loomer and Stefan Molyneux

Black actors murder ‘Trump’ on stage, but whatever you do, don’t generate words like nigger or cunt or criticise Israel or LGBT or Black Lives matter… The Marxist / Zionist / Collectivist movement created the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, instigated revolt in European nation states, nurtured the environment for Hitler to come to power to counter-act the Bolsheviks and it goes on today, creating chaos and fear in the form of a manufactured war on terror, man-made global warming, confusion and delay over Brexit, political correctness, identity and gender politics. The Focus group financed Churchill. Think about it.
God bless Donald Trump.

This is the public theatre company producing the play in NYC today:
Imagine if you had white actors murdering an Obomba look a like; or the murder of a Hillery look a like…

Banning things is silly, but for goodness sake, wake up, wise up people and understand what the hell is going on.
Have a gay day!

Edit: Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer Press Conference


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