Filipino Scout Rangers keep up morale by singing while countering ISIS snipers in Marawi

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The Scout Ranger song is playing when it was an occasion of scout rangers. But in marawi now, it’s still the high morale of Fighting Scout Rangers.

According to captain ” windy,” the hero of light reaction company nakapatay of the abu sayyaf in Bohol: ” awake, to combat the lynx if tumugtog. No matter whatever branch of service — Army, PNP, Philippine Marines or air force — Just scout ranger song, they sinasabayan songs. The Sniper I was looking for a position of your charisma is that loudspeaker to it was a whole marawi even the opponent. When Tumugtog The Scout Ranger song, no firearm that opponent.”… laughing at danger, we fight like a panther and conquer the hardship always! Puffing Rangers!


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