Farage – Brexit is imperilled.

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It looks like the Brexit-Fixit election psyop has rattled a cage – Farage’s, that is.  TreasonMay went out of her way to lose her majority so that the so-called ‘Hard’ Brexit could be replaced with the so-called ‘Soft’ approach, and it would all seem like the will of the people.

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How can he exert any leverage onto the unfolding fiasco at Westminster, where the UDP and SinnFein are battling it out to either launch or frustrate a new government?

Will he stand for UKIP’s leadership once more, and try again at Thanet where the Conservatives broke every law in keeping him out?

Will superman fly to Britain’s rescue in this – her darkest hour?  Or will the system find a way to bottle us up and package us into good little European slaves?



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