False terror event predicted for Edinburgh in October

“The UK will hold a “major” counter-terrorism training exercise in Scotland in October 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May announced on Monday (27 March).

The drill is designed to test a multi-agency response that would come into force in the event of a terror attack.

Police Scotland will act as the lead force throughout the operation, which is part of the UK government’s National Counter-Terrorism Exercise Programme”.

I was a bit presumptuous saying Edinburgh in my post. However, saying that, I stand by that assertion. A little Freudianesque slip, however, all bets are off. Pencil in the next event scheduled for October.

It looks as though we are moving away from reacting to events and offering analysis to a possible first where it has been predicted using methodologies and the left cerebrum before the event. Fake terror possibly predicted.  From bigmoo.

This comment prompted by the post of Ole Dammegard being interviewed on the role of www.crisis-solutions.com in organising all the world’s false terror street/theatre events.  Edinburgh is mentioned along with Manchester and New York.

Crisis Solutions Inc is running all terror false flags worldwide. Check out their website.



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