Fake alternative media busted. Intelligence service attacks on genuine alternative media.

De Fango, (who exposed the Seth Rich death hoax and busted George Webb and Jason Goodman, and deconstructed their little game), was about to interview with Nathan on Lift The Veil today.  Then his computer was hit last night.  Goodman’s an actor.  George Webb is an agent (Mossad?) – fake alternative media.  They give out disinformation, and destroy the reputation of genuine alternative media.  George Webb was recently on the Richie Allen show.  The Seth Rich story was about to blow, and Webb was about to become a minor celebrity.

Now Webb’s credibility is damaged.  Lots of terms like ‘gaslighting’ that you probably know what it means – I don’t.  It takes some following if you’re not familiar with the people here and the way of talking is different, but kinds fun.

Also more on London later in the video.

Nathan describes the kind of attacks the intelligence services are using on alternative media people.  Strange people offering help (Tap – we had that in UKIP in 2001, when I was writing Farage’s leaflets!).  Old relationships getting in touch claiming they were wronged in the past and needing retribution/compensation.  Heavy psychological stuff.

Nathans says stay way from people who drink too much.

Interview with De Fango.



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