Extremism? Would That Include Invading Syria?

Who are you James Le Mesurier?
This morning the £3.7billion taxpayer funded BBC have been telling me about the gathering last night at Finsbury Mosque in commemoration of Jo Cox and to protest against ‘extremism’.
Is that the same Jo Cox who stood up in parliament and called for the over-throw of Syria’s President Assad?
Is that the same Jo Cox who along with her husband and small children aggressively cut across Nigel Farage and the fisherman in the river Thames before the Brexit vote?
Is this the same Jo Cox whose widow now raises funds for the White Helmets?
Would that be the same White Helmets that comprise of ‘free Syrian rebels’ who like to cut open a pregnant woman, pull out the foetus, cut off the head and use it as a football? Forgive the graphic description, but I’ve just tolerated 3 hours of shite propaganda from the taxpayer funded BBC while attending my laptop work.

Leave Syria alone. Leave the Syrians alone. If anyone wants to challenge my post, listen to Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett or Patrick Henningsen who have all reported on the ground from Syria unlike Jo Cox or most of the BBC presstitutes. Lyse Ducet is a particularly annoying piece of work who pushes conflict while pretending to be the classic BBC professional journalist. She is despised among Syrians and is a classic presstitute.
This should be the kind of reporting the BBC could offer me:

This is the kind of garbage that is published and circulated among the clueless chattering classes :
Who are the people who organise and run the White Helmets?
Who are you James Le Mesurier?

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