Everything in mainstream media is designed to get us fighting each other


They feed off the negative harmonics they create within us.  Also if they get us to fight each other, we are easy to rule.  He analyses the Washington Post, and sees every single article is aimed at dividing us.  We have to bigger than the ‘fish in the fish tank’ and see behind what’s going on.  The media puts you into a little camp.  Other than that there are sports stories, weather, bullshit entertainment from Hollywood and verifiable sensational stories.  These are the true and real events, which make them appear to be objective and honest.  The rest is fake stories designed to divide, polarising themes.  Good analysis.



3 Responses to “Everything in mainstream media is designed to get us fighting each other”

  1. emm jay says:

    Hmmm … Tap ‘this video is unavailable’

  2. Gordon Logan says:

    Youtube/The Deep State yanked this very quickly. They’re getting desperate. Can you give us the name of the speaker?

  3. Tapestry says:

    My memory can’t get it back either. Shame. He was an excellent speaker. I’m travelling today so probably won’t get time to search back either. I’ll work on it when I can. I would normally name the video channel but stress has been bad in the house of late. Too much blogging doesn’t help!

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