Election Post-Mortem? BBC? No! Watch Ian R. Crane No.5

HUMANITY vs INSANITY #93 : Election Special No.5

Corbyn, BREXIT & the Deep State Agenda….

TAP – Ian Crane’s assessment – he’s really a genius, a one-off.  The Referendum vote was nearer 70% and over, than 51% for LEAVE.  The result was massaged downwards to make it seem close.  Cameron resigned as a delaying tactic while the parasitic entities that think it their job to control us, and exploit us, worked out their next steps.  Then Crane makes some very interesting observations and theories.  This is a must to listen to.  He wants the British electorate to carry on awakening, not to give up, but to become more activist.  It’s our only hope.  Our awakening is all that can stop One World Totalitarian Government.

Take note that IDOX runs the postal voting system that rigs the results in so many constituencies.


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  1. RabbiT says:

    Albeit my income is a fair bit less than the national average I would align myself with Ian Crane as a “social capitalist”. Just imagine how things could be if State Banking were in the hands of the State, not private individuals. Now there’s democracy for you!

    What I would ask readers to consider is that my extensive research into the Bible and the times in which we live, tells me is that the awakening to the One World Agenda will not be “all that can stop such” as having established itself – to “stop” such is the purpose of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ – God in the flesh.

    That said we have a common goal: Long live independent nations and time the west stopped invading foreign nations as it serves the interest of, among other things the Military Industrial Complex, who profit from the murder of innocent civilians in less well off nations of the Middle East – the enemies of a certain more recent State.

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