Discrepancies of another witness’ story in Grenfell fire


Published on Jun 20, 2017

In this video Annie Logical calls into question the testimony of the main witness who claims to have moved into the Tower in Feb 2017.  Yet he has media companies registered at a different address and reregistered one of his companies thereat his other residential address AFTER he supposedly moved to Grenfell Tower.

Why would a media company director move to a high rise tenement block from a quiet residential area where all his businesses are registered anyway?

Mahad Egal is the subject of this enquiry.  He and Jamie Murray (female) are listed in the Google Docs assessment of status as being the tenants of Flat 15 of the 4th Floor of Grenfell Tower, and are listed as being ‘safe’.  There is evidence that they lived in far nicer accommodation elsewhere and it seems unlikely they would move into a high rise.  Mahad Egal has been interviewed posturing as a key witness to the fire on the 4th floor in many media accounts.  He has multiple PR businesses listed.

As the voice says, it would be great not to have such suspicions working in one’s mind.   But arson grows as the more likely explanation for the fire, when the circumstances of the various witnesses to the narrative are examined in turn.  See my earlier posts.



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  1. maverick says:

    More suspicious characters. This young man keeps slipping into his true accent. In previous interviews he said he had lived in the neighbourhood for many years, in a flat in a neighbouring tower block, with his poor Mum. Allegedly he went to Charterhouse school!
    Listen carefully…….. how he flattens his ‘A’s’!
    Watch “I Don’t Shine Shoes Anymore Peaky” on YouTube



    Watch “PEAKY SAKU the Zio BBC crisis actor Part Zwei” on YouTube

    How or why …..!?

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