Did Martyn Hett die at Manchester, or elsewhere? Is he still alive, or did he never exist?

People I know well are telling me they know people who knew Martyn Hett who supposedly died in the bomb at the Manchester Ariane Grande concert.  Many alternative commentators are saying there was little evidence of a bomb at Manchester, and that the media narrative looks weak.  Nathan Stolpman of Lifttheveil says ‘No one died.’

Then how come stories are going the rounds of people knowing the people who died, and the occasional funeral is being held?  People I see every day are telling me that they know XXXXXXX who was Martin’s best friend and he is devastated by his friend’s death.

If he was killed, and others, were they scooped up during the melee and killed later (9/11 passengers style), if the bomb narrative doesn’t hold water?  Or are they still alive, and it’s just part of the hoax to remove them and send them elsewhere?

Or are some of the victims in fact vicsims, media creations that never were alive to begin with?

Martyn Hett most certainly was alive (and maybe still is alive), if the opinions of my friends are correct.  I never met him, or heard of his existence prior to Manchester.  His Facebook page is not very full of anything real.


Here are Martyn’s parents on camera a day or two after their son’s supposed death – seemingly not bothered at all, armed with props to look cute for the camera.  You decide.  Was he really dead? Here is Peekay’s video.  He swears a lot, by the way.  It’s just his style of talking.  I feel that no mother could talk about a dead son in such a way so soon after his death.  That’s my take, anyway for what it’s worth.  It’s all quite a puzzle, to be honest.


If they scooped up a crowd of 22 to kill later, how would they make the injuries consistent with the media narrative?  Have the families had the bodies returned?  Were they asked to identify their loved ones?  That alone would fill any real mother with horror, shock and grief.

The video of the Queen visiting injured at hospital was also ludicrous.  If you’d narrowly escaped being killed and were injured by a bomb, would you be smiling quite so much a day or so afterwards?


3 Responses to “Did Martyn Hett die at Manchester, or elsewhere? Is he still alive, or did he never exist?”

  1. archer says:

    The video above is so ridiculous – it’s clear they are not mourning him (as he obviously didn’t croak).

    I very much doubt they’re even related to him…

  2. Tapestry says:

    Peekay closed his channel since this. He must have been threatened. Hopefully he’ll reappear at some point.

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