Crisis Solutions Inc is running all terror false flags worldwide. Check out their website.

Time Square.  Stockholm.  Manchester.  It’s a transportable film set going from country to country, location to location, always in NATO countries.  It’s like the Rocky Horror Show.  It’s the same people carrying out the same terror/media event, pumping out terror worldwide through the media.  Military experts.  Crisis actors.  Film directors.  Explosive experts.  All the same as a movie set.  People in key positions are helping them to operate.  Very few people know the whole story, compartmentalised operation, hard to detect as such a small bolt-on operation travels from country to country.

The spider in the web is called

On the site, there is a video on the ‘crisis cloud’ page.  Click on that, and you see how anti-terror drills have taken on a whole new level.  There is an online operational platform.  Tactical teams on street level.  The C Unit gathers together people into the ‘playroom’, redirecting the ‘event’.  They call it ‘play’ or ‘game’.  They can do multiple exercises in different countries on different continents simultaneously.  Manchester is given as an example, as is Edinburgh.  Is Edinburgh attack coming?

Alleged attacks, Ole Dammegard calls them.  Ole the world’s expert on false flag events and other terror events, assassinations.

A massive operation in London they boast of was about to get under way.  A hundred people were in the command centre.  This was just like the building used in the Westminster Bridge attack – used to make film of a supposed car traversing the bridge and the supposed woman jumping in the river.  There was a company specialised in photography, filming and manipulating images.  More than 2000 players from 80 companies were involved.  Series of live websites were created to give the same players the same information all at the time time.  Twitter accounts.  Facebook accounts.  Coordinated dissemination of the event.  Politicians handed scripts to read out – Trump, Theresa May etc.

Corporations make billions on the wars that result from fake terror.  There is a huge interest in wars – financial interest.  Insider trading.  80 companies are involved in putting on these ‘drills’.  1500 people are taking part in these false attacks.  Buses transporting extras to location.  Many of the supposedly wounded are bused in, and bused out again – not in ambulances, but buses.

The website is a gold mine of leaked information.  These people believe they are above us.  They are very arrogant.

Go to website  click on ‘exercises and simulations’.  Then ‘crisis cloud’.  A video pops up.  Watch it.

Do you spot the coincidences?  Manchester event.  Edinburgh.  New York event.

Crisis Solutions.  ‘The clue is in the name’ it says.   …….   ISIS?  The worldwide boogeyman.

They claim they’ve been going fifteen years.  Were they involved in the 7/7 London bombing?

Twitter accounts saying ‘I know someone who was killed’ etc.  You check out the Twitter account to see who they are, and it’s a dead end.

Ole’s website is

He checked out the traffic to the crisis solutions site.    The callers were the intelligence services in US, UK and Sweden.




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  1. Bigmoo says:

    Brilliant piece Tapestry. The smoking gun (if ever there was one needed). All these events are utter dollop. Large (black budgets) staging events, designed to shape a political narrative.

    This technique is a variant of trauma based mind control. The brain can’t function logically if it is having an emotional response to a visual experience (whether real or staged).

    The left cereberum deals with logic, the right side emotion etc. When the emotional response is active the left ain’t. Repeat, repeat, repeat. In other words, these staged events demand wall to wall coverage and convincing scripts. Therefore the ‘after party’ is there to reinforce what you have seen and keep you/us confused and in a state of emotional response.

    Works a treat. All us ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been suspicious and have analysed stuff upside down and concluded unequivocally that the false flag phenomenon is indeed real.

    I had a theory that there is a large scale conspiracy. It would appear my theory has been rigorously tested and indeed there is a conspiracy.

    Further to the Edinburgh based material on the site. There is a large scale drill scheduled here for circa October if my memory serves. I say here because thats where I am.

    As always peace to the real humans.

  2. Bigmoo says:

    “The UK will hold a “major” counter-terrorism training exercise in Scotland in October 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May announced on Monday (27 March).

    The drill is designed to test a multi-agency response that would come into force in the event of a terror attack.

    Police Scotland will act as the lead force throughout the operation, which is part of the UK government’s National Counter-Terrorism Exercise Programme”.

    I was a bit presumptuous saying Edinburgh in my post. However, saying that, I stand by that assertion. A little Freudianesque slip, however, all bets are off. Pencil in the next event scheduled for October.

    It looks as though we are moving away from reacting to events and offering analysis to a possible first where it has been predicted using methodologies and the left cerebrum before the event. Fake terror posdibly predicted.

    Peace to the humans.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Curiously Crisis Solutions registered their website domain name seemingly at a domestic residence in the Cotswolds. See Link at the bottom of this post clue the postcode GL56 0QE

    Similar organizations known to be intelligence agency fronts are also run from domestic residences such as The Coventry based one man band the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights. Such front groups provide the supporting narrative and media quotes / sources to keep up the storyline being fed to the ever gullible public via the treasonous media and politicians.

    There is plenty of military and spooky activity within a short drive GCHQ and NATO ( a US controlled entity )


    Under its leading NATO role within UK Defence, ARRC operates as a 3-Star headquarters, in Gloucestershire, with more than 400 permanent staff from more than 20 nations contributing to NATO activity every day.

    The Crisis Solutions domain name stuff. Whois search result.

    Tech Name: Richard Whitby
    Tech Organization: Crisis Solutions Ltd
    Tech Street: Ashwell House
    Tech Street: High Street
    Tech City: Longborough
    Tech State/Province: Gloucestershire
    Tech Postal Code: GL56 0QE
    Tech Country: GB
    Tech Phone: +44.8451301336
    Tech Phone Ext:
    Tech Fax Ext:

    Registry Domain ID: 51534313_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Registrar URL:
    Updated Date: 2016-01-10T00:00:00Z
    Creation Date: 2001-01-11T00:00:00Z
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2021-01-11T00:00:00Z

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