Cressida Dick. Common Purpose?

Cressida Dick? Amusing name!

Dear Theresa May PM, Matthew Hancock MP, BSE Conservative Associaiton…

Can you confirm or deny that our police boss Cressida Dick is a student of Common Purpose?……
Is she active or passive in her muff diving relationship? As if I give a shit.
However, is she a student of Common Purpose? That I do give a shit about. You? You probably have no idea what I’m talking about and that’s why my country is fucked.

Excuse my language TAP. I have just posted the same on Mark SuckerCyborg’s platform… so smile?!


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    A Common Purpose stooge Mark Rowley informs us that the crack shot marksmen of the MET fired 50 rounds at 3 suspects, thats about 17 in each body yet we see no blood on the bodies ??? Would a CP stooge lie to the public ???

    London (CNN)Armed officers responding to the London Bridge terror attack fired an “unprecedented” number of rounds at the three attackers because they were wearing what appeared to be suicide belts, police said.
    Eight officers fired 50 shots at three attackers to ensure they were neutralized, said Mark Rowley, assistant commissioner for specialist operations in the Metropolitan Police Service. Rowley is Britain’s most senior counterterrorism office.


    CP Surrey Police Stops Common Purpose Training

    Interesting media article from revealing Surrey Police expenditure on Common Purpose during a period in which they are having to cut back on their services including office facilities. Significantly Chief Constable Mark Rowley is a member of the local Common Purpose Advisory Group, which forms the local ‘eyes and ears’ for Common Purpose and selects future CP graduates. All this is done behind closed doors under Chatham House rules as the article points out. Since the courses are paid by public money the public has a right to know exactly what is said by whom and why.

    A spokesman for Common Purpose is quoted as making a number of statements supporting the work of CP, but also stating that “There are various ridiculous conspiracy theories about Common Purpose. These libellous accusations are untrue, with no basis or evidence to support them.”

    The spokesman fails to say of course what the libellous statements are and why they are untrue. Common Purpose graduates have been found to be involved with paedophilia, insider dealing, lying, falsifying documents, false accusations against people, misusing public facilities and services, feeding off public money, acting as a political charity, working to operate a fifth column in society, praising fraudulent bankers as role model “leaders” for children and more. Even the Information Commissioners Office and the Audit Office have been subverted by Common Purpose. These activities are all evidence based.

    This article is well worth reading. Just how is it that a so called ‘Charity’ is allowed to implement social and political ‘CHANGE’ behind closed doors and without the knowledge of the wider general public? Demand answers from your Member of Parliament and your Local Public Authorities.
    PDF icon CP_Police_Surrey_Press.pdf

  2. Bigmoo says:

    The above link takes analysis beyond any doubt with regards London and the latest fake terror.

    This video shows from the 3.20 mark crisis actors/Po-lies changing from Police to terrorist.

    As regards Common Purpose. They are a bunch of clandestine, crypto garbage. They’re aim is to usurp the unsuspecting public and place their clandestine operatives in the h8gh echelons of decision making and kaw making.

    The public image is the consumate dedicated professional working in Local Government, Police or Civil Service. That said, private business has these oily creatures in their midst. They are real 5th Columnists.

    A good example of where these low life creatures are ever present is Social Work. An organisation with access to children, the elderly and those with mental and/or physical disabilities. They have the outward appearance of the consumate , dedicated professional with a (thankless job). However, they prey on the very people they pretend to help.

    This is done through the family courts, shaped policies designed for their nefarious ends and the help of the other CP brigade the Police.

    Not all SW and not all Police. I worked with Social Workers for years in my previous life and fckn hated them. A bunch of poncey w@nkrs – I just didn’t and couldn’t like them.

    I always asked myself why would anyone who has been to expensive posh school want to esrn 35k per year. It didn’t make sense until you become aware of COMMON PURPOSE – then it makes sense.

    Peace to the humans.

  3. Plumber says:

    My main problem with the film version of Lord Of The Rings is the great misdirection made of Orcs. They are portrayed as rather less able than you’re average Hobbit of winning an Oscar, though to be fair, they do appear to be rather less gay. This may also explain why Ian McKellen’s Gandalf was so irreproachable and butch too, determined in his role to win any possible accolade on merit rather than on his knees to a giant spider…my precious.
    However common their purpose, beware! The Orc is a cunning adversary. Even so,
    lacking empathy, they can never be truly intelligent, and rely absolutely on hierarchy – these of reward, or the greater glee of humiliating, even mortal punishment before their coven at the hand of a superior whip.
    As a close relative of Goblins they delight in all forms of mischief but lack a truly Satanic Majesty which is why Orcs of common purpose are allowed to attain to public office and be watchful by the private eyes. Orcs are unfortunately incurable, and should you encounter an isolated purpose on the common you should beat it with the big Ent.

  4. ian says:

    I used to have a rifle with which I would shoot foxes. I tended to use very light 50 grain bullets which travel at about 3000 ft per second. It was .223 and the assault weapon magazines that I saw on some of the pictures, looked very similar. Fired from a low angle in such as a built up area would have seen many ricochets, and given a range of three miles possible carnage. also look at case study 1 on on crisis solutions site……………

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