Cowardly US and UK militaries won’t stop killing innocent people even though they know it to be wrong

US killing ISIS prisoners in bombing attacks, that is ordinary Syrians.  Civilian casualties are going off the scale in Iraq and Syria.  The Pentagon is angry they’re losing the war.  Mad Dog Mattis at the US Defence Dept and Michael Fallon, the British Defence Secretary, are threatening Syria with invasion if they use chemical weapons.  The evidence is that previous attacks were either fake or carried out by ISIS, not the Syrian government.  As usual we’re doing the filth, then accusing the people we want to invade of crimes they didn’t commit.  We did it.  It’s WMD all over again.  This is how all these wars are started.  The military knows this so they have no excuse.  They’re pure murderers, not soldiers or airmen.  They are not ours either.  They are simply murderers, working all on their own, without any conscience or courage to turn around what they know to be wrong.  The more that come home in a box, the better.  And the sooner the better.  They are totally expendable scum who shame humanity.

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