Could it have been arson?

The evidence of how the fire started is very muddled in the media.  There were at least two different reports put out in the media narrating the involvement of Maryam Adam, who was, as I found out, a long term tenant in Number 14 on the 4th floor Grenfell Tower.

All agree she was awoken at 1.50 am by –

version 1, as published inThe Metro, and ABC.ES.  A tall white British male, who she had not met before.

version 2. as pubished by TheDaily Mail, The Sun. and others,  Behailu Kebede, an Ethiopian taxi driver, (the longterm tenant of number 16 Grenfell Tower, as my research found out).

Maryam Adam said she saw the fire through Kebede’s or the TWBM’s door.  It was in the kitchen of number 16, and was not very big.  There were no fire alarms going as she left the building.  The fire brigade were called at 1.54 am.  They arrived 6 minutes later.

Nothing is said about the other people living in the other apartments on the 4th Floor.

In a version put out to the world by The Daily Mail, found on a South African website, Behailu Kebede was accompanied  by two women, who had been in his flat.  A bag (or bags depending on version) was packed and clothes laid on top before he alerted Maryam.  The two women do not appear in the other versions that I have seen.

Since the fire Maryam Adam and Behailu Kebede have not been contactable, or their whereabouts known.

The report from which was probably the source for the Metro’s snippet, showed that the story being put about in the British media as total certainty, was possibly not true.  It seems possible that the false version of the events, or at least a muddled version of events, was created to hide the involvement of other people.  This deceptiveness raises the possibility of the fire being arson, as what else would there be to cover up?

The report this morning below that the Firefighters believed the fire was already put out successfully before they left the building, opens up the possibility that the cladding was lit by a separate incident.  The Police should be investigating very carefully who was present on the 4th Floor at 1.50 am on June 14th in the Tower, and what they were doing.  If the job was an Mi5 operation, deliberately torching the building, no investigation will be being made – as appears to be the case.  The people will not be investigated.  In fact it is far more likely they will disappear, like 9/11 witnesses.  At least it is known that Maryam Adam and Behailu Kebede are real people and they survived the fire.  Other names used in the narrative have been either manufactured, altered to make them unrecognisable, or they are not named.  See earlier posts.

From The Telegraph –

Grenfell Tower firefighters put out fridge blaze ‘and were just leaving when flats erupted in flames’

 TAP – If the fire was not out, I believe the firefighters would have known.
Grenfell firefighters minute's silence
Kensington firefighters attend a minute’s silence at the site of the Grenfell Tower blazeCREDIT: EDDIE MULHOLLAND FOR THE TELEGRAPH

Firefighters had put out the initial fridge fire at Grenfell Tower and were leaving the building when the blaze suddenly flared up, it has emerged.

Crews believed they had put out the fire at the London high-rise and were astonished to see flames rising up the side of the building, new reports have claimed.

Shortly after dealing with the fridge fire early last Wednesday, firefighters were telling residents that it was out, BBC Panoramareported.

But, soon after, the 24-storey building was consumed by flames in one of Britain’s biggest ever tower block fires that left at least 79 people dead.

Panorama on Monday night reported that firefighters had seen flames “shooting up” the side of the building. Those reports will add weight to claims that it was the cladding on the exterior of Grenfell Tower thatcaused the fire to spread so rapidly.

Grenfell Tower flames
Flames tear through Grenfell Tower as smoke billows into the skyCREDIT: NATALIE OXFORD/AFP

But Dave Green, national officer at the Fire Brigades Union, said the first firefighters at the scene might not have expected the outside of the building to be flammable.

The union official said that 1970s buildings like Grenfell Tower were designed so each flat was a box that contained fire within itself, with a non-flammable concrete exterior.

Mr Green said: “Clearly it was a hot night and if the (fire) was fairly close to an open window then potentially the flames could have got outside – if there were net curtains, something like that, it could have got up.

“Then the cladding might well have been smouldering.

“As a firefighter you wouldn’t have thought to look outside. We would assume that the outside of the building would not be compromised.”



2 Responses to “Could it have been arson?”

  1. Aldous says:

    Is the image of the LFB (London Fire Brigade?) firefighters yet another fabricated event? They don’t much look like they’ve recently emerged from the satanic masonic hellhole of Grenfell Tower but more like they’ve just come out of the shower and squeaky clean.

    I hate to stereotype but they also look a bit ‘camp’ doncha think? Not a bit like roughy-toughy and butch firefighters that I know.

  2. alison says:

    You’d think they might have a few cinders on their uniforms, on their faces, in their hair… NOT A CINDER IN SIGHT!

    I don’t want to diss the real fire fighters, cos let’s face it, they are OUR HEROES but these guys look like they’re on a gay fashion shoot!

    Refer back to the dusty firefighters after 9/11, sitting despondently at ground zero – they knew there was more to it than the MSM were putting out…

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