Cop filmed changing his pants to become the London Bridge terrorist

false flag busted.  the chnaging policemen video has alerted people to the fact that the London attack was false – if they didn’t know already.  Watch video.

No tattoo on left arm!!!?

Guy Kenworthy I think it is the ‘police officer’ opposite the camouflage pants-guy, that is on the picture of the ‘shot terrorist’ There were 3 alleged attackers, the camo-pant guy is most probably one of the other two.Just add a fake beard.


Yvonne Friseur Beards don’t match color or style (mustache, no mustache), camo is lighter than the other, sleeves- one has black the other light blue.

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  1. bluefeather says:

    Something that keeps bothering me is the fact that the “terrorists wearing fake bomb belts” were shot down in a hail of bullets. Potentially this would have been catastrophic as the effects from the explosion of real bomb belts would have been much worse. How could the police have been so sure that they were fake? Why would they have taken such a risk?

  2. ferryt says:


    Some suggestion that in fact these were bullet proof vests and not er ‘fake’ suicide vests. Never heard of such a thing.

    Also suggestions that terms such as ‘fake’ have been used by the corrupt msm to divert people searching for fake in relation to these very fake events to lead them directly to msm sites rather than other sites that have been exposing these incidents.

    Very sly if true. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. ferryt says:

    Not sure. If that was clear but it would appear that the term fake has been purposely included in order to divert searches directly to msm rather than ‘extremist’ sites who are exposing these incidents.

    Didn’t quite work in scaring the population to vote for Terry.

    Similar to the Jo Cox – Joke Hoax incident before brexit not working.

    Are they losing their touch? One can only hope in these worrying times.

    • ian says:

      Hi ferryt, you seen this, Crisis solutions. scroll down to the woman looking at clocks. There are six clock faces 3+3 and they are at 10:08 the time that the white van hit the barrier, but a closer look will let you see that the hour hand is too far advanced, and forms a 90 deg angle or free masonic square. Inside the square, the digits add up to six 3+3 again, or 33, the 33rd degree motto is Ordo ab chao, or order out of chaos, check it out. also read case study one on here.

    • ian says:

      Regarding the terrorists vests, they are actors from crisis solutions, they just want to look like what they think jihadis look like. Most are too thick to see through it all, I nearly got belted off a big lad in the pub for suggesting it was a psy op. Most go for the TV hype.

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