A nasty UK reporter trying to make the ISIS threat to the Philippines sound more than it is. We know your game, Vice News.

Good expose of the military operation, though.  She ends by saying there were 13 marines killed in an ambush.  That was possibly true, but the only day the AFP lost 13 killed was a friendly fire bomb which went astray.  She just can’t resist belittling Filipino efforts, and making ISIS sound invincible.  Fact is Duterte is the first Philippine President to show real fight against the Moslem terrorist threat since Marcos.  It’s all just in time.  If the former President had been in Malacanyan (Filipino White House), the White Flags would be flying already.  The British accent and the arrogant attitude of the female reporter is horribly familiar to me.  I’ve lived most of my life listening to British lies told in posh voices.

The Filipino forces are highly educated and very well trained.  You need college education to get into the army.   She’s embedded with the Filipinos referring to ISIS as the enemy.  She and her media are the enemy of the Philippines.  It’s clear which side she is on.

She ends by saying ‘ISIS is rapidly spreading throughout the region’.  You wish, Madam.  You wish.  The only other attempt was near Cotabato City was defeated in one day, and the terrorists ran for it.


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