Grenfell fire. Arson suspected.

Why did the resident of the flat where fire started not raise the alarm before packing all his luggage and moving out of his flat first?  That seems a very suspicious action, and would conform with the notion that the fire was deliberately set, and was intended to be catastrophic.

The fire has clearly been a massive news distraction, and that could possibly have been its purpose.  That might be to do with the fact that the UK is trying to get a real war started in Syria, which would draw in Russia.  That would explain why this happened at this time, just days after the election.  The government and the military don’t want anyone watching what they’re up to, as it is completely illegal.

The Conservatives intended to push a war vote through Parliament had they won the election with an increased majority.  With a hung Parliament resulting instead, the next best option for those who want world war and world government beyond that, is to create chaos, from which they can achieve their ends.  If this line of thinking is correct, the Grenfell fire would seem to be an MI5 operation, designed to those ends.

The ‘tall white British male’ who alerted Maryam Adam (In ABC.ES’ report, picked up by The Metro, he is clearly not the same person as named in the bulk of the British media, Ethiopian Behailu Kebede).  It was just a small fire in his kitchen, she says, which presumably need not have got out of hand.  The Tower’s destruction would, on the face of it, appear to be an act of arson.  The Police need to check out who this ‘tall, white, British male’ was, as well as others who were on the fourth floor of the tower after midnight.

Metro snippet.

I also found this via Facebook after searching Maryam Adam, Kensington.  Translated from another language by computer (Spanish), quoting (original Spanish is below) – which appears to be the source for the METRO report –

A neighbor of the estate who was saved, Maryam Adam, who is pregnant, has revealed that at 1.50 in the morning a neighbor, a tall British white man, knocked on her door to warn her that a fire had been set in her apartment .She was already sleeping and so she remembers the exact time. The woman regrets that the man had several bags with his belongings in the hall, indicating that he first collected his personal belongings and only then alerted his neighbors . Adam also points out that through the door on the other floor he could see that the fire was in the kitchen. It is believed that he started with a problem in a refrigerator in that fourth-floor dwelling, but there is still no official version.

Four minutes after that neighbor was warned, firefighters received the first call, at 12:54, and in only six minutes came the tower. But the fire spread in an unusual way, in just a quarter of an hour and took the building. There will be much to explain about the catastrophe of the Grenfell Tower, in whose last plants there are still small conatus of fire .

Original from

Una vecina del inmueble que se salvó, Maryam Adam, que está embarazada, ha revelado que a la 1.50 de la madrugada un vecino, un varón británico alto y blanco (tall, white, British male), llamó a su puerta para advertirla de que en su piso se había desatado un incendio. Ella ya estaba durmiendo y por eso recuerda la hora exacta. La mujer lamenta que el hombre tenía en el pasillo varias bolsas con sus pertenencias, lo que indica que primero recogió sus enseres personales y solo después alertó a sus vecinos. Adam señala también que a través de la puerta del otro piso pudo ver que el fuego era en la cocina. Se cree que comenzó con un problema en una nevera en esa vivienda de la cuarta planta, pero todavía no hay una versión oficial.

Cuatro minutos después de que esa vecina fuese avisada, los bomberos recibieron la primera llamada, a las 12.54, y en solo seis minutos acudieron la torre. Pero el fuego se propagó de una manera insólita, en solo un cuarto de hora ya tomaba el edificio. Habrá mucho que explicar sobre la catástrofe de la torre Grenfell, en cuyas plantas últimas todavía hay ahora pequeños conatos de fuego.

On there is a Maryam Adam listed in the 2010 census as living inW11 with a Yasin Adam.  It gives her address as Notting Hill, which is where the Grenfell Tower is located.   No other Maryam Adam lives in London, but there were five others listed in as living in the UK.

I then paid about £15 plus VAT to get a full report on her.

Maryam Adam

Age Guide: 40-44, ER 2010 – 2017

Flat 14 Grenfell Tower Grenfell Road London W11 1TG
Co Occupants: Yasin Adam,
(Yodit Tecle, Anastasia Birikorang were former tenants, not current)
TAP – Could she be Nigerian?  This confirms her address as Flat 14 Grenfell Tower.
From the layout of the building (six flats per floor with four two bedroom flats located in each corner, sandwiching two single bedroom flats), the suggestion might be that the occupant of the neighbouring single bedroom flat lit the fire in his kitchen after packing up all his bags (how would he have time otherwise?), and he then woke up the neighbours he possibly knew to warn them.  He was therefore located next door to number 14, so was probably in flat number 13 or 15, depending on the numbering sequence of the flats.  Which number’s door is/was right next to 14?  Maybe someone knows the layout.  The Council would know and the KCTMO.
The fourth floor would contain numbers 14 and 16 as given, as there was one floor below with no flats.
There is only one single flat with a door adjacent to the double flat on each side of the block .  He might have occupied the double flat next to 14 also, but as she could see the fire from outside the flat, I would call this less likely.  (I am assuming he was from a single flat as she could see that the fire was in the kitchen and there is no lobby in the single flats as there is in the double bedroom flats, and there is no mention of anyone else, just the tall, single white British man.  In a Daily Mail report they added two women to the story being with Behailu Kebede, no mention of the tall, dark, British male.)
Why doesn’t the Kensington & Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation reveal the number sequencing of the flats so we can positively identify which single flat’s door sits right next to number 14?  And then reveal the occupant’s name?  Or at least the tenant’s name?  The fact she calls the man tall and white and British, and no more, suggests Maryam didn’t previously know him.
Why did the unnamed tall, white, British male bother raising the alarm at all, if he was an arsonist lighting a fire in Behailu Kebede’s apartment?  I would imagine that he would need to prepare a cover story, and raising the alarm was the least he could do, while still remaining plausible, in the most ineffective possible way he could – as he knew the reason he was being required to start the fire.  Others could have caused the fire to spread rapidly once they had arranged it to be started.  The media narrative was already planned as the actions were carried out.
If the tall white British man can’t be identified, or found, and was not the formal tenant, that would suggest arson very strongly indeed.
After checking, that would appear to be the case – unless the ABC.ES report was written without interviewing Maryam Adam, which seems unlikely, as there was so much detail given.  If the whole story is fabricated, to confuse the situation, that too is highly suspicious.
How did the tall, white, British man gain access to the flat from the tenant?  Who was the formal tenant of this flat? (Behailu Kebede is as I later checked on  Or was it vacant and he broke in?  Unlikely but all possible scenarios need to be eliminated.  The KCTMO should in theory be pleased to push the weight of suspicion away from themselves by revealing some of this information.  Or are they busy deleting records and muddying waters as we ‘speak’, and they too know this was arson, and don;t want the truth coming out, as they are controlled by the same agencies?
If we could identify the flat, and the name of the tall white man, that should be the enough for the Police to proceed and arrest the tenant or the man who was in the flat if he is not the same…as a matter of priority.  Otherwise the man, the tenant or both could well be leaving the country, or already have left the country, while the Police pretend not to know what happened, and look the other way, pleasing their Freemasonic/MI5 controllers.
I am writing this with intense family interruptions and cannot currently proof read or edit.  Please accept my apologies for all non-sequiturs and bumps in the text.  Maybe I’ll get a chance later when kids are in bed.  No way.  Divorce is now on the cards!  This is really very frustrating!
Aha!  After a Google images search – so much for the tall ‘white’ British male.  The tenant can be and has already been established.

Grenfell Tower fire starts at the fourth floor kitchen of an Ethiopian taxi driver

Grenfell Tower fire starts at the fourth floor kitchen of an Ethiopian taxi driver


Behailu Kebede who is an Ethiopian taxi driver have alerted his neighbour when he discovered the fire in his fourth floor kitchen in the Grenfell Tower in London Kensington yesterday.

His neighbour, Maryam Adam, claimed that he banged on her door and alerted her to the fire.

She said: “He knocked on the door, and he said there was a fire in his flat. It was exactly 12.50am because I was sleeping and it woke me up.

“The fire was small in the kitchen. I could see it because the flat door was open. There was no alarm.”

Eshete Meried who is Kebede’s friend revealed that the 44-year-old taxi driver originally from Ethiopia, escaped the building, but was still in shock.

In an interview with the MailOnline, Meried said: “Behailu did raise the alarm, that is what I am hearing.

“He is fine but he is not in a position to talk about anything right now. I understand that he in a temporary shelter, staying with friends.”

QUESTION – why does Maryam Adam interviewed on Spain’s believe the neighbour, who woke her, was a tall white British man, yet in the British media, he’s an Ethiopian taxi driver, who is now staying with ‘friends’ and therefore conveniently not reachable?  These are suspicious circumstances, and possibly evidence of something fishy going on.   The Spanish version would be consistent with Kebede allowing MI5 into his apartment to start a fire, and his not being there when it happened.

I would put my money on this being an MI5 arson attack, on a building known to be a death trap, in order to create a massive media diversion for the war in Syria that the so-called ‘elites’ are so determined to get going.  The chaos agenda is in full swing since the election,  – ‘ordo ab chao’ can be worked once more by world government aspirants, and politics overridden..

These are Maryam Adam’s listed neighbours from the enquiry website.


Flat 11 Grenfell Tower, Grenfell Road
Neighbours Time of Occupancy Telephone number
Alison Moses 2009 – 2017 Not listed


Flat 12 Grenfell Tower, Grenfell Road
Neighbours Time of Occupancy Telephone number
Jenny Dainton 2003 – 2009, 2011 – 2017 Not listed
Lissa Van Aardenne 2010 Not listed
Zoe Dainton 2015 Not listed


Flat 15 Grenfell Tower, Grenfell Road
Neighbours Time of Occupancy Telephone number
Della Wakelin 2017 Not listed


Flat 16 Grenfell Tower, Grenfell Road
Neighbours Time of Occupancy Telephone number
Behailu Kebede 2006, 2008 – 2017 Not listed

Interestingly Behailu Kebede is listed as the tenant.  Though he clearly is not the ‘tall white British man’ that alerted Maryam.  I will let you draw your own conclusions as to why the media is not looking into these circumstances, or the Police.  The fourth floor could be Flats 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.

Ian Crane says there are many parallels to Grenfell Tower with a TV drama.  This takes a more political line, as the media and the politicians are now doing in response to the fire.  Why not stick to the chain of causation as to what exactly happened?  What?  Who?  Where? How?  And pursue the possibility that the attack was arson.  Surely that thought deserves a few days of attention as well as all the brouhaha.

This is what they don’t want you to be noticing.

Another report –

The Daily Mail released this to world news, found on a South African website, putting Kebede in the role of the alerter –

Maryam Adam, who lives two doors down, said her brother woke her up to say Mr Kebede was knocking at the door telling them to get out.

“He knocked on the door as soon as the fire started,” she said. “So me, my brother and my friend ran away and I saw that my neighbour’s flat door was open and there was smoke coming from his kitchen. I wondered why the alarm wasn’t ringing and then I ran away in my pyjamas. We thought it would be out quickly and that we’d be able to go back to our homes.”

TAP – In the ABC.ES version, she saw a fire.

Mrs Adam, 41, who is four months pregnant, told how Mr Kebede was with two women, one of whom ran out with her. She said she saw Mr Kebede and the other woman standing beside a suitcase with clothing draped over it, adding that they did not immediately leave the tower.

Mrs Adam’s brother Yasin added: “The alarm didn’t work so without him maybe my sister wouldn’t be alive. She owes him her life because most of the people were sleeping.”

TAP – This piece doesn’t make sense in that we know that Yasin Adam has lived with Maryam Adam in number 14 for about five years.  The piece above says Yasin was also actually in the flat, so why wasn’t his life also saved?  And his sister’s friend?  What was his/her name?  He/she is an important witness.

There is also the quote in the DM report on the Zambian website

Another friend, who did not want to be named, said Mr Kebede has since spoken to the police about what happened.

TAP – why would they not want to be named?  what were the nature of the discussions?  There is no mention of the tall, white British man in The Daily Mail’s version, and Kebede is said in this piece to have emerged from his flat with two women.  Neither of these women is named.  Who were they?  They are crucial witnesses.  Along with the tall, white, British male, they too have just disappeared.

Mrs Adam, 41, who is four months pregnant, told how Mr Kebede was with two women, one of whom ran out with her. She said she saw Mr Kebede and the other woman standing beside a suitcase with clothing draped over it, adding that they did not immediately leave the tower.

Next.  Strangely Alison Moses, who is listed above as a neighbour by is reported as being ‘Aalya Moses’ by the DM –

Aalya Moses, 57, who also lives on the fourth floor, said: “There was no alarm, no sprinkler or any other warning, just [Mr Kebede] who told everyone on my floor and the surrounding floors. If he hadn’t have told me I wouldn’t have known.

Why would the Daily Mail doctor her name?

Another neighbour is mentioned – ‘Mahad Egal’

Mahad Egal, another fourth floor neighbour, said: “Just before 1am we were eating and just about to go to bed when there was a sudden knock on the door.

This name does not appear in either of the two lists of neighbours I bought from, or even a name which could be altered to appear like it.  Number 13 is missing from the list on if the flats on the fourth floor were indeed – 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.  Maybe this gentleman lived in number 13.

These people would be important witnesses.

Was there arson?  That is the question.

There is enough inconsistency in the various reports to at least make that seem a possibility, as if someone is covering up and altering evidence as they go.  And where are all the nameless witnesses, altered name witnesses, and witnesses with names that appear not to exist – not to mention the only two who were correctly named, Behailu Kebede and Maryam Adam ?  I have yet to even see a picture of Maryam Adam in any media.  Like Kebede, she has just vanished.

One last thought.  What happened to the other occupants of the fourth floor?  Did they just leave them to fry?  That would seem unlikely, as they all must have known each other for years.  What happened to Delia Wakelin in Number 15, and Jenny Dainton in Number 12?  Why did Maryam Adam and Yasin not mention the others?  Presumably these ladies living alone are elderly, and not so easy for the media to put words into their mouths, threaten etc.

This from The Guardian – further vagueness from the all-important 4th floor, lack of names and nothing that can be investigated.

“My friends live on the fourth floor, someone knocked on their door, they didn’t know and they got out. They have three children. Some people were knocking on doors but the people inside didn’t open the door.”

Could it have been arson?

Could it have been arson?


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  1. ian says:

    If it’s an act of arson by MI5, the police won’t get anywhere.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Which is why it appears in the Metro and is not treated as the lead part of this story, which it clearly is. Make a note of her name Maryam Adam, 41 and pregnant. What are her chances if she tells her story far and wide? She will no doubt be given some sound advice by friends of MI5, mostly about keeping her mouth well and truly closed…. and in particular changing her evidence to the neighbour the Ethiopian tenant, and not a tall white man she clearly did not know, and who has not been identified …….. as yet.

    • ian says:

      I agree Tap, My remarks often seem flippant, but I keep coming back as I respect your opinion always, though sometimes we clash a little.

  3. Tapestry says:

    clashes and flippancy are all good.

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