Did TreasonMay take one for the globalists?

Ian Crane wonders if the British election was psy-op designed to halt BREXIT by the creation of political chaos.  Did TreasonMay take one for the globalists, he writes.

Our political system is being decommissioned with the end point being a totalitarian government of national unity working to a common purpose.  Jeremy Corbyn notably used this phrase (‘common purpose’) in an interview yesterday suggesting he knows the gameplan too.  Check out UK Column and Brian Gerrish for lots more on Common Purpose.

It’s not just the political system being doctored in preparation for totalitarian government.  Our armed forces are being neutered so that we can offer no resistance to being lumped together inside an European Army.  Sharkhunters’ email this morning lists yet more problems with the new equipment arriving into the hands of servicemen.  The economy is being busted.  Our weapons are being got rid of if they’re any use and replaced with hopeless new ones.  Russian kit on the other hand, also being supplied to China is superb, now battle tested in Syria.  It’s like we’re due to meet a sacrificial end, and be no more as a country, once a war is declared.

I naively hoped a Labour victory would bring an end to the chances of NATO invading Syria, and our forces engaging with Russian.  Had TreasonMay won a big majority, the tanks would have been rolling within weeks.  This way there might be a delay, but how long a delay, who knows?  We mustn’t give up hope, or our spirit at any time.  The globalists fear our awakening, and thanks to great minds like Ian Crane, Brian Gerrish and others, we are far more awake than we would be otherwise.

Harry Cooper of Sharkhunters starts his email with an amusing story

WHISKEY ON THE ROCKS – WIZARD sent information about a heated debate in Sweden over

a monument to either the Swedish submarine industry or a vision of the past or, as the Swedish

journalist Bertil Ahnlund claimed was “war inspiring”. That is not the main point of this report; this

goes back into the old, old archives of history as reported by Sharkhunters way back then.

The Soviet Union was snooping in every port they could, the same as all the other major powers.

Every so often, Sweden would find one submerged in one of their harbors and chase it out to sea.

One such submarine, the Soviet U-137, ran aground in Torumskaar Harbor on 28 October 1981. It

was a major embarrassment to the USSR. The crew tried to free the boat to no avail. The Soviet

Navy tried to assist, but Sweden refused to allow them to come in – and there lay this Whiskey Class

boat shamefully exposed to all in the harbor sitting atop the rocks where she went aground. This

incident quickly became known as “Whiskey on the Rocks” but this is not the end of the story.

Enter PepsiCo. Those of us old enough to remember the goings on with the Soviet Union remember

that back then, Pepsi Cola (PepsiCo) and the Soviet Union reached agreement that Pepsi would have

the franchise for the entire Soviet Union for distribution of their products. It was rumored that their

Soviet partner was Mihail Gorbachev. All the news sources were busily reporting on all these news

bits that nobody thought to ask how they were going to pay for the billions of dollars of product,

support, advertising etc. since the Soviet Union had no hard currency and could not get the US

Dollars they needed to buy Pepsi or anything else from the West.

Decommissioned submarines became the coin of the realm! That is correct – in a story uncovered by

Sharkhunters, it was learned that the Soviet Union was paying for Pepsi products with submarines. A

whiskey Class submarine, delivered to a Swedish breaker yard was worth $200,000 in exchange. The

many Whisky Class boats went to the breaker yards in Sweden to be converted into cash then into

Pepsi. PepsiCo denied this until we told them we received the news directly from a PepsiCo

executive so there is no question this was taking place.

Some sharp-eyed guy in Sweden who was overseeing the handling of the boats to the breaker yard

spotted that U-137 was in the batch to be broken up and he quickly informed the proper people and

so this boat became a monument in Sweden – and it never got rid of the unofficial name “Whiskey

on the Rocks”. All this was reported in our Sharkhunters KTB decades ago.

RUSSIA IMPROVED THEIR SU-35s – According to this report, Russian pilots noted various

areas where the SU-35s could be improved while flying this really hot fighter over Syria. One of the

major problems concerned the displays and the lights. This is undisputed as one of the hottest fighter

planes in the world, and Russia is making them even better.

SU-35 FIGHTERS TO CHINA – This same report indicated that Russia will supply ten SU-35 jet

fighters to China this year. Based on the history of the PLA over the past several decades – we

predict that the SU-35 fighters will be reverse-engineered and China will be building their own version

of this excellent jet fighter rather soon. Time will tell.

ROYAL NAVY’s TRIDENT SUBMARINES VULNERABLE – The report indicates that the

Royal Navy’s Trident missile submarines are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. How much more bad news

does the Royal Navy need – their new billion-dollar Astute Class submarines, the most sophisticated

in the world (so they tell us) have trouble finding the sea bottom until they hit it and have just as much

trouble knowing there is a huge tanker above them until they surface directly under one.

Ian Crane suggests a way to deal with it all – get politically active.

HUMANITY vs INSANITY #93 : Election Special No.5
Broadcast LIVE at 3pm on Fri 9th June 2017
A Hung Parliament with #TreasonMay as Lame-Duck Prime Minister.
 – Did TM take one for the Globalist Team?
– Was the Country deliberately set up to de-rail BREXIT?

– Is the inevitable Political CHAOS all part of the Deep State Agenda?

Even if the answer is “YES” to all of the above; there’s still way more US than there is of THEM … so get involved and make stuff happen! 

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