1980s BBC documentary warns of fire risk in tower blocks


The BBC claim they didn’t know about the fire risk, yet their own archive shows that is not true.

Patrick Henningsen points out that this is not about austerity.  They’ve spent millions on these towers, rampant opportunism and capitalism is the problem.

Four ministers were told of these fire risks but did nothing.

Gerrish says massive cover-up in progress.

More discussions of political options for the future.  Local government is far too powerful.  Corruption takes place at local level.

How many people were in the Tower?  The scale of the disaster not being recognised.

Emails being cleaned up.  Website pages deleted.

How many survivors are there?  The public enquiry will not find anyone to ask questions from.  Information and people is being diffused.

Regime of fear and intimidation is being run to silence people, in Council, KCTMO etc.

How many survivors are there?  Who will get the promised 5000 pounds in cash from Post Office?  More questions.

A section on the isolation of Qatar, Iran and maybe Turkey.  Trying to cut off financial ties.  Accusing Barclays of fraud to do with this.

A section of shooting down of Syrian plane by USA.  Henningsen talks knowledgeably about Syria, Iran, US – the role of UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia.

Trump is in over his head, lost control to the Pentagon.

Political parties corrupt.  The system needs replacing.



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