What Did The Tories Do With £1,000,000,000,000?










By Gordon Logan

The media are covering up for the Tories, but May’s government is by far the worst since the 2nd World War. They’ve doubled the national debt since 2010 and only have a miserable average annual increase in GDP to show for it. That’s £1,000,000,000,000 of new debt. The ‘Economic Hitman’ John Perkins spent 25 years persuading politicians to take on huge loans that would later be foreclosed on in order to plunder a country’s hard assets, as in Greece. The Tories intend to use this huge debt to force the privatization of the NHS and the rest of the British public’s assets. Already the Tories have managed to hike the British mortality rate to the levels of 1946, before the NHS.

Sir Michael Fallon’s statement that the British government was ready to launch a surprise first nuclear strike (on Russia) has placed this country in even greater danger. May’s statement that she would ‘press the button’ if the UK were attacked, was hardly surprising, but Fallon’s statement was sheer folly. Putin has already said that he would launch a preemptive strike if he believed that the adversary was preparing to launch a surprise first strike. Fallon has placed the UK directly in the crosshairs. There are specialists at Chatham House, such as Prof Richard Sakwa, who are convinced that this country is going to be annihilated. Fallon has taken us a step closer. His responses in the recent interview prove that he has done no due diligence on the matter.

May, Fallon, Johnson and Hammond are ignorant puppets who take their cues from the ‘dark forces’ behind the scenes. They must be got rid of, and prosecuted for misconduct in public office. Corbyn refuses to excoriate them as ‘extremists’ but that’s exactly what they are.

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