Vote for nuclear suicide pact! Spoof election posters appear across London

Vote for nuclear suicide pact! Spoof election posters appear across London

© Darren Cullen


30 May, 2017

Satirical posters warning that a Tory election victory will bring on a breakdown in society and nuclear apocalypse have started appearing at London bus stops.

The posters are the work of satirist Darren Cullen, whose previous efforts include lampooning military recruitment and his ‘Pocket Money Loans’ campaign.

The images include Prime Minister Theresa May holding hands with US President Donald Trump on the road to nuclear destruction and caricatures of various Tory ministers.

Cullen has also subtly corrupted the Tory logo, which features a tree, so that it resembles a mushroom cloud to highlight May’s commitment to pressing the ‘red button’ in the event of nuclear war.

Other images show a crashing computer screen in reference to the recent National Health Service (NHS) cyberattack, which some have attributed to budget cuts under Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

I wanted to draw attention to the dangers we face with another five years of Tory rule. The NHS certainly cannot survive another Conservative government, and the rest of us might not either,” Cullen told RT.

I want to see [Labour leader] Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10, running this country like an adult,” he said, adding that he wants to see an end to the neoliberal economics of “the free-market zealots who run the Tory party.

But there is, and always has been, an alternative to the rapacious destruction of community, the worship of materialism and the denial of empathy for society’s most vulnerable,” he said.

It appears that members of the public are printing their own copies of Cullen’s work and plastering them around the city.


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