UK Not Leaving €U Military Union

And now for the news.

… what them? A bunch of right wing neo-Nazis gabbin’ on about Common Purposes an everyone doin’ child sex? Well, they got UK and a Column’s a political thing innit? That one with the tie, the teacher headmaster bloke, thinks he was a Navy Commander and the other one’s probably ex-IRA. Thank God we got the BBC. Least they are professional and done courses and stuff. What? The BBC’s how much? £3.7 billion! How much for the Nazis did you say?

Ladies and gentleman, the UK Column; humans engaging their common sense; for a lot less than £3.7 billion: There are signs of no intention of the UK leaving the €U military union. The UK Column with defense specialist David Ellis give latest commentary.
BBC R4 Today’s John Humphreys was warbling on about snail mating his morning. Bargain!


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