Trump – the new king of Tickleville

Some people think that new US President Trump is very bad news.  People like Hillary Clinton for example!   Other beg to differ – notably American TV comedians.

The colorful, idiosyncratic, opinionated chief executive is the best thing that’s happened on the comedy scene, and comedians are hailing the Trump Presidency as the new Golden Age.

Most US Presidents are dim and dour and play it safe to the point of utter predictability and boredom.  Not the Donald!  He’s the opposite.  He’s eventful and quotable on a daily basis!   His thoughtless and off-the-cuff tweets are like giggle-rich gags with punchlines.

Some of them are cluelessly unintended, which makes them all the funnier.

To ‘honor’ the new king of Tickleville, Comedy Central recently held a Trump impersonation competition, with comedic impressionists from all over the world vying for top position.  The winner was Las Vegas comic John Di Domenico.  He’s since been offered his own TV show.  (He’s been ‘doing’ Trump for twelve years as part of his impersonation act.  He’d been impersonating since he was five.)

John Di Dominico in character – (being Donald Trump has changed my life’ he says.  He even needs security guards!)

The key to getting Trump right for aspiring comedians, he says, is more than just looking and sounding like him.  They have to realise he’s unique in politics and comedy because what you see is what you get – a man who believes in himself so completely that he automatically focuses on his vaunted plus points – and denies the very existence of his flaws!

His impersonators have to be supremely confident to the point of delusion.

Based/copied from a piece by Nestor U. Torre in today’s Inquirer.


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