Tories hit a new low

Poor old Theresa May now faces a hit song calling her ‘Liar, Liar’, which is said to have risen to number 10 in the download charts.  It seems that she is not trusted, and this song hits the spot in getting that meme across.  The George Osborne plot brought Boris Johnson’s campaign to win the leadership to an end, when Michael Gove, Johnson’s ex-school-chum, supposed friend and ally, knifed him publicly at the critical moment.  The resulting melee of second line leadership candidates brought in Theresa May, who is not really a leader type, much as she tries very hard to be.

Now the pigeons are coming home to roost.  People hold their noses and vote Conservative to a great extent, imagining it’s their best economic choice.   But the pretence of being the friend of the Middle Class is no longer tenable, let alone the ludicrous pitch to the working class, saying that Conservative Governments are ‘for the many, not the few’.  The game which Thatcher played, worked for a while, coming at the end of the era of high tax (top rate of income tax 98%, and corporation tax 60%).  But in the uncertain and nervous hands of Theresa May, the wheels are falling off.   Everyone feels like a victim now, and not in a mood to support her.

The promise of Brexit was all people hoped for, but even that is being messed around with.  May thought thought Brexit was her get out of jail card, and people would vote for anything at all, as long as Brexit was delivered.  Things like war forever more.  Millions of innocent people to be killed around the world.  Syria to be invaded.  She was going to give her masters exactly what they wanted, and keep the plebs onside throughout.

Corbyn is poised now ready to unscramble the Tory power house, and reverse Thatcherism.  It was all so unnecessary for the Conservatives to throw it all away.  The infighting that did for Boris is now doing for the Party.  The war machine will have to start again from scratch.  Hopefully Corbyn will do for the planned invasion of Syria, and win this election.


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