“This information is reaching the public…”

I first heard Cliff High / Half Past Human via Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan Project Camelot may be 2007 / 8? He’s still out there!
‘Ordinary’, previously ‘mainstream’ people are accessing ‘alternative’ ideas. Sarah Westall is new to me, forgive me if she’s widely known and I’ve just missed her, but she appears grounded, a business class teacher entrepreneur who does not agree with YouTube / Google demonetising, censoring people, sites and information. She’s not swearing and cussing. She’s light hearted, laughs and simply standing-up and asking questions as an increasing number are.
Cliff High analyses data, internet trends, information and monitors where it might be taking us. A very pleasant chap to listen to. He’s direct and speaks his mind. The interview is in 2 parts.

“This information is reaching the public…”
The establishment is scampering to protect it’s power base.
Cliff suggests paper currency will give way to gold backed digital currency.
Cliff High would not send his kids to college.

Censorship in America, Economy, Antarctica with Cliff High
Clif High at his best, Antarctica, Economy, Future Trends
School / college structures your thoughts. They do not teach you how to think. They teach you to regurgitate the thoughts of dead people exactly as they are taught and the student matriculates; that is you graduate in their opinion; you are them.

The Federal Register.
In 1955 they conquered anti-gravity, so a huge black budget goes into a secret space programme.
I want that stuff out here. We paid for it. It’s ours! I want the little floaty triangles that I see with my night vision goggles that are going to these multiple mile long ships that are hovering 145 miles up above our planet. I can see these things, they can’t deny it and I’m not alone.
Catherine Austin- Fitts: “It can be incredibly profitable, wealth producing to not be stupid.”
Thousands of people being employed in Antarctica.


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  1. ian says:

    The censorship part is certainly real.

  2. ian says:

    My first comment was to see if I could comment, as there is a problem on Tap site too. NASA lies, The Van Allen belt never bothered them in 1969, but it appears that it does now. The crew of the Challenger explosion are also it would appear alive and well, check it out. Yes we are being censored, and lied to but who do you trust. We are taught in my opinion unnecessary things like Shakespeare and Greek mythology at school, which apart from it in itself and the fact that liking it confers a perception of education, it is of poor quality and in my opinion shite. They don’t teach us that Queen Victoria spoke German as her first language, or the the Irish potato famine was desired and in fact engineered for maximum effect once the potatoes failed. They don’t teach us that Anne Frank’s diary was partly written in ballpoint pen, or that our Royal family changed their name to Windsor as a PR job. They teach us about virgin births and talking snakes, and nowadays are taking it to new highs. Flat earthers abound online. We live in interesting times, folks.

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