Why is it always the women who are the killers?

Not in the media since just after the election was called, and the Tories were whooping at the thought of a big majority.  The hawks like Satanist Michael Fallon were then expressing an intention to call a vote on Syria and get a full-on war started.

The tanks are waiting as I write in Jordan to drive an invasion and destroy Syria.  The SAS are already in there directing the occasional illegal air strike, not voted for by Parliament.  The US in turn was hoping to use the UK election victory of the Conservatives and a new vote in Parliament as the political fig leaf for the invasion to begin.

But Corbyn might now be ready to scupper these plans and stop the destruction of Syria.  France has fallen to the globalists with the election of Macron.  But will Britain hold out against the odds and vote for Corbyn who, a bit like Trump, hopes to stop it all?  YouGov’s polling, which correctly predicted the OUT vote for BREXIT, seems to say so. (see below)

Trump may have sunk into the swamp, but he’s still President, and Killary Clinton is still kept out.  Will Theresa May and her similarly evil brigade of killers now be stopped?  It’s funny how the women want the killing to start as soon as possible, but many male political leaders (Macron excepted) claim to want to seek peace.  Merkel is another one who can’t wait for the globalists to conquer all, and send millions to their deaths.  Britain’s election is the last moment the world could be saved from an uncontrollable conflagration that could consume us all.  It will be a great moment for humanity if he gets there.


2 Responses to “Why is it always the women who are the killers?”

  1. Tom74 says:

    May is the worst of the lot. A weak, vain and spiteful person whose only hope of power is to sell her soul and Britain’s future to others.

  2. eddieleejn says:

    It’s not.

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