The Official UK Election 2017 Artist

It’s art Jim, but not as we know it! (It’s a Star Trek concept reference… )

So, the photo depicts an interesting image; beauty is in the eye of the beholder; there is no accounting for taste..  but, getting the army to blow up a shed, then arrange the fragments in a room and calling it art? Really? Is it art or just bollocks? While the masses look on in wonderment, is there a little boy down there somewhere shouting look, no clothes! I do appreciate the taxpayer funding fringe tastes such as BBC R3 jazz and classical programmes, but an artist who blows up sheds to depict the election? I’m not convinced.

When I asked Brian Sewell why art is important, he responded…

“Tell those who doubt the value of art, that I don’t know why art is necessary – only that it is. All who in the 1940’s braved bombs to see one painting in the National Gallery knew it too.”
Brian Sewell Art Critic, Sunday 04 April 2010

“It took her breath away,” responded Cornelia Parker upon being appointed the official election artist by the House of Commons. During her BBC R4 Today interview she continued, “Everything I see now seems political, including the mess on my kitchen table…”

NPP: Oh goodness, get Camila a safe space, quick! More conceptual nonsense to be funded by the UK taxpayer…

NPP: How about a pregnant woman having her belly sliced open, the foetus pulled out, head cut off and UK taxpayer funded Free Syrian Rebels kicking the head around as a football? Is that conceptual enough for you Camila and BBC? Is Vanessa Beeley a journalist who might get a tad more conceptual about her work and qualify for taxpayer funding? I do not know; may be I am jumping the gun, perhaps I am being too cynical, but what chance Camila views Trump as a racist sexist, Brexit as a mistake and man-made climate change the biggest danger to our very survival? I bet UK Column’s Brian Gerrish will comment on this so called art; no doubt he will detect a deeper and more dangerous message being pushed here ….. oh, and she is the first woman for the role. Did you get that? The first woman in the hugely male dominated art world; the first woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, woman… wonderful women! Cue the spam song for full conceptual experience.

BBC article:
Sculptor Cornelia Parker has been chosen as this year’s official election artist.

Parker, who was once nominated for the Turner Prize, is the fifth election artist and the first woman in the role.

She will observe the election campaign, which culminates in the vote on 8 June, and produce a piece in response.

She said she felt honoured by the invitation, adding: “We live in scary but exhilarating times. The whole world order seems to be changing.”

With “all its challenging issues and complexity”, she said, the election “is an event that I’m excited to engage with and I look forward to sharing my finished work”.

Parker’s work has been displayed in galleries across the world including in London’s Tate Modern, the British Library and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

She is best known for large-scale creations like Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View, where the Army blew up a garden shed and she suspended the fragments around a light source.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Art in the west is funded by people who want it to give no message. same as music industry, theatre, publishing. Any art with a real political or spiritual message is not permitted.

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