The Manchester ‘bomb’ media narrative doesn’t fit with the evidence.

Alternative news take on Manchester.  Nathan Stolpman says nobody died.  Vin Armani who comes from Reality TV says he works from a different approach to Nathan – from the narrative you see coming at you.  It’s not entirely a scripted event, but it is an edited event.  The editor creates the narrative, not the writer, says Vin.  If you have enough raw footage, you can create whatever narrative you want.  He looks at how credible is the narrative.  He says there are some huge inconsistencies in the Manchester ‘attack’.

The media are lazy.  They are looking for easy narratives that can be thrust into a soundbite.  The government creates narratives for the media to run with.  Vin unpicks the narrative.  Lone wolf home made bomb was first narrative.  A man portable bomb – under 120 lbs in weight.  You need military grade materials and an expert bomb maker. Combined with a suicide bomber mentality.  Why would a military top level bomb maker be a suicide bomber/ martyr?   Very unlikely.

There was no martyrdom video.  Suicide bombers always do a video.

22 years old.  a UK citizen.  He clearly was not the bomb maker.  A bomb maker with serious military experience from somewhere from Afghanistan.  Why would they hit an Ariane Grande concert?  And hit just one target.

How did they pick the venue?  Why did they not hit a target with some significance, or target an organisation with some role in warfare?

ID found at the scene – again.  Not credible, as this is the same thing on every occasion in government-carried out false flags.

If military grade explosives, he’d be vaporised.  And his ID.

Killing twenty people needs a huge bomb.

The ISIS claim is highly dubious.  No mention of a martyr.  Or suicide bombing.  They claim multi bomb non-suicide attack.  They lie away from the narrative.

The media picks and chooses from the little pieces to create the narrative they want ignoring the bits of evidence that don’t fit.

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17 Responses to “The Manchester ‘bomb’ media narrative doesn’t fit with the evidence.”

  1. Bigmoo says:

    Another false flag/hoax. The usual MO and all the other indicators present. The bomber – a 22 year old dope smoker doesn’t fit the narrative. ID found at the scene. Occultist numerology heavily present. A political outcome (troops on street). Bad crisis acting and just like all the others – no longer believable.

    Even without analysis – apply all the other events that have occurred and then ask yourself this: if all tge others wete fake, why would this be real?

    Hebdo, 911, Bataclan, Nice, Munich, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Boston, St Petersburg, Brussells Airport, London 3/22.

    All total tripe.

  2. NPP says:

    ID was found – again?!
    Where is this reported?
    …. been busy and not watched video. Just read your notes TAP.
    If ID was found…. this is ridiculous. It’s every time.

    • archer says:

      On the morning of 23/5/17, one of the idiot reporters on talk radio reported ID being found at the scene…

      Haven’t heard any more of ID since – that said, I’m not paying any attention to the guff output by the msm.

    • ROTH says:

      Unless of course they had him on video or CCTV, in which case why are we not being shown that?

      • archer says:

        Exactly! No CCTV footage, nor any meaningful smartphone footage of anything resembling a blast.

  3. Tom74 says:

    The CIA know this. Witness how they are trying to subvert the police inquiry via their pet media outlet The New York Times.
    But something tells me this is one atrocity too far. Even MI5 are not going to collude in murdering teenagers.

  4. alison says:

    “They” are pulling out all the stops: even got Lizzie involved in the PR exercise to try to convince us, real Hue-Man Beings

    Makes me laugh that they think we could be so easily persuaded. LOL!

    • ROTH says:

      Unfortunately most of us are, analytical thought and criticism goes out of the window when the man on the telly says that something happened. It happened, no questions allowed.

      • archer says:

        The involvement and propagation of the lies by the msm are treasonous – they are just as complicit as their perps.

  5. alison says:

    “But something tells me this is one atrocity too far.” (Tom74)

    I am pleasantly surprised by the number of people I’ve come across who have not been duped this time.

    However, I wouldn’t rush to credit MI5 with any scruples so wouldn’t be too surprised if they collude in teenage murders. Remember the Illuminati have no hesitation in abusing/murdering their own offspring if it suits THE agenda; it’s all part of their demonic anti-
    Christ-Consciousness cult.

    And whether any of us like to admit it or not, Christians, Jews and Muslims all seek the Christ-Consciousness as the ultimate. (Take the labels off to avoid Deception).

    • ian says:

      A lot are taken in Alison. I got unfriended by someone today on FB by someone who’s comment I mistook for a disbelief in the official story. She then decided to go off on a tirade about the fact that her friend was there blah blah blah. She seemed to think that because her friend was there it was a terrorist attack. I tried to explain that I wasn’t saying it never happened, but to no avail. I am evil.

      • Bigmoo says:

        Greetings and salutations Ian. Lots of material in the ether. Wanted to address your comment specifically regarding the unfriending thing ‘my friend blah blah’. This is a very specific tactic that is used to neuter debate or comment. It is highly effective and can stop you in your tracks when used agsinst you. There are many variations of this and it will surface again. So beware. You might here ‘my next door neighbour’, ‘my boyfriends sister, my ex husbands……’ you get the idea. Highly effective. However, knowing about it renders it useless. Again, peace to you, all good men and Alison. Like your posts too.

  6. alison says:

    OOOH Ian!

    It happened in Virtual Reality but nobody died in 3D! The dark powers laid on the best staged drama so I am sure there was induced trauma at the scene of the supposed crime scene but it was all FAKE!

    I hope your FB friend gets well soon! LOL!

    Don’t mean to sound facetious/flippant but even if she thinks she’s buried the issue with you by unfriending you, she will continue, possibly unconsciously for now, weighing it up and at the right divine time, she will see the light. So… good on you, my friend, for putting it out there!

    That’s their trick, after all… make it look like it’s really happening so it’s all stage craft and for the unenlightened, that’s enough to convince them.

    We have to bear in mind too, that anybody subjected to the MSM is so bombarded with FAKE NEWS, they are mind controlled.

    I was in a neighbour’s house yesterday when her phone rang… out of politeness, I picked up her daily rag while she took the call… the rubbish I read was beyond belief! And the unawakened are soaking this up and being showered with it 24/7. You really have to feel sorry for them – Forgive them, Father (defined as the Divine within each of us), for they know not what they do!

    And they really don’t!

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