The Clintons belong to the ash heap of history

….However, the problem is that no evidence backing the claim of Trump’s “collusion” with Russia has yet emerged.

“RussiaGate, MoscowGate, KremlinGate — US political scientists continue to compete in ingenuity, inventing new terms,” Kharlamov said, “Thus, the Democrats and their ideological supporters continue to prepare the ground for the desired resignation of Trump.”

Meanwhile, former Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton seems to be moving right in: it was reported that she had kicked off a new initiative called Onward Together seeking to target Donald Trump and the Republicans.

Cheryl K. Chumley of The Washington Times suggested that Onward Together resembles nothing so much as the Clinton Foundation 2.0. According to the journalist, the initiative is actually aimed at “fundraising.”

Referring to the controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation and the potential conflict of interests, Chumley wrote: “Watchdoggers, start your engines. Here’s a money trail that just begs to be followed.”

In his May interview with Sputnik investigative journalist and Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel, who has been investigating the Clinton Foundation’s alleged fraud for a few years, suggested that this initiative wouldn’t work.

“Hillary Clinton could not win an election they tried to rig, outspending Donald Trump by hundreds of millions of dollars with the fawning support of the mainstream media,” he told Sputnik. “Certainly, there are millions of Americans who will continue to support the badly stained Clinton brand no matter what. But here is a piece of advice for Democrats — you are only helping your opponents by encouraging this foolishness.”

“The Clintons belong on the ‘ash heap of history’ — sending money their way is foolish and I imagine we shall soon see that fewer and fewer wealthy Democrats will continue to subsidize this family that for too long has enjoyed what I believe are ill-gotten gains, subject to recoupment by the IRS and Department of Justice, should they choose to do so,” Ortel underscored.

Kharlamov shares a similar stance: according to the commentator, the future of the anti-Trump Clinton initiative is rather bleak.

However, it appears that Hillary Clinton and Trump’s political opponents continue to entertain the hope of political revenge.


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