Sky TV claiming May could suspend GE campaign after Manchester bomb

Is the deep state in deep panic?  The election was called with polls forecasting a Tory landslide and Corbyn to be pushed out.  With the Blairites back in the Labour saddle, the wars could roll, and the Middle East be put into permanent chaos.  For the political class, the good times could roll once more.

Trouble is, since the election was called, millions not registered to vote decided they would register.  At least two million have done so, possibly more, and those registering are unlikely to be Conservative voters.

Facing likely total humiliation, the deep state wants the election called off.

The only way they can do that is to carry out some atrocious act of ‘terrorism’.

source Political Betting comments 1.34 am jonny83.  Amongst others.

BBC-Live: PM’s election campaign suspended
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A Conservative source told the Press Association that the prime minister’s general election campaign was being suspended.

TAP – Strangely last night I was imagining an event of some kind in a provincial city.  I pictured Birmingham or Manchester being seen as expendable by the southern elites, and my intuitive mind fixed on Manchester.  Events like this never occur in places like Oxford or Cambridge.  It’s always far off places like Warrington where no Rothschilds or their friends/families would be seen dead (literally). I didn’t imagine this kind of event would take place the next second, but it was going through my mind that the South of England would never be targeted no matter what happens.  Elites never bomb their own.

The London bomb came just before Blair’s reelection.  Is this an attempt to rally the voters behind the government in similar vein?  Are voters still so credulous, or do many now realise bombs are just part of the election process (and assassinations)?

Britain Has a Real Choice on June 8 – and the Anti-Democratic Democrats Hate It

Lots of polling looks suspect but this from Wales is pretty devastating to Tories.

Via @roger_scully LAB sees huge surge in latest YouGov Wales poll

LAB 44%+9
CON 34%-7
PC 9%-2
LD 6%-1
UKIP 5%+1




5 Responses to “Sky TV claiming May could suspend GE campaign after Manchester bomb”

  1. Tom74 says:

    It’s the usual pre-election murders by the establishment. Trouble is, the Maybot still won’t be able to appear human.

  2. alison says:

    Or Female.

  3. Matt says:

    The London bombing was 7/7
    Blair election 5/5

  4. ian says:

    They are incredibly credulous Tap. Unfortunately for us.

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