Russia offers evidence. Trump accusers have none.

Putin: Russia Ready to Provide US Congress With Transcript of Trump-Lavrov Talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on claims alleging that US President Donald Trump provided secret information to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during their meeting in Washington.

Putin said that Russia is ready to provide the US Congress with the transcript of the talks between Trump and Lavrov if Washington considers it appropriate.

“If the US administration considers is appropriate, we are ready to provide the US Senate and Congress with the transcript of the talks between Lavrov and Trump.”

He specified it could happen only “if the US administration wants it, of course.”

Meanwhile, Putin’s aide Yuri Ushakov commented on Putin’s statement. He said that there had been no sound recording at the Trump-Lavrov talks, but it had been transcribed.

The comment came after the Washington Post reported that Trump told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak information about a terror threat involving laptops on airplanes. The information reportedly came from a US partner through an intelligence-sharing agreement.He also joked that Lavrov didn’t share with him and Russian intelligence services any secret information which Trump had given him. “This is very bad, I need to deliver a reprimand to him [Lavrov],” Putin said jokingly.

He said that it seems that “political schizophrenia” is developing in the US amid such media claims.

“Political schizophrenia is developing in the United States. I cannot explain differently such accusations against the current president claiming he revealed some secrets to Lavrov.”

He called accusations against Trump related to the talks with Lavrov nonsense, noting that “those who spread them are either stupid or dangerous” as they harm the United States.

“At first, when we followed the developing process of the internal political struggle [in the US], it looked ridiculous. Today it is not just sad, it causes  concern because people who generate such nonsense, can generate even bigger nonsense [in the future],” Putin said.

The situation in the US is being in turmoil using anti-Russian slogans, Putin said, adding that Trump is not being allowed to work properly. He added that Russia highly estimates the results of Lavrov’s visit to the US which followed after his US counterpart Rex Tillerson’s visit to Moscow.However, Russia does not interfere in internal affairs of the US and doesn’t intend to do so, Putin emphasized.

Following the media reports, National Security Adviser Herbert RaymondMcMaster stressed earlier that Trump has not revealed any intelligence sources in the conversation at the White House last week. The officials spoke about threats from terrorist organizations, including threats to aviation. Later, Trump himself took to Twitter and said that he had every right to share information on terrorism and the safety of flights with Russian officials.

Kremlin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov echoed the sentiment, calling the allegations that Trump shared secret information with Russian officials “absurd.”



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