Please, Please Manchester, Ask Pertinent Questions!

I had a message from a Turkish female friend:

I’m deeply sorry for the bombing at Manchester.

I replied…

‘We’ fund ISIS, the White Helmets etc. The UK taxpayer pay for it. The BBC just told me ISIS have said they were responsible. ISIS is an intelligence agency organisation; not an organic Muslim movement.

Assad was accused of a chemical attack the other week. I e-mailed my local papers, local community members and some friends: it was not Assad. No ones cares.

Syrian children are killed month in month out, but no one cares. English children are so much more valuable, apparently.

I warn my local community if we do not wake up, stand up, speak up, we will have payback in our back yards.

What can I say? I doubt the parents in Manchester will ask any pertinent questions; the UK government will push further surveillance policy and continue to tell us how fearful and alert we must be of terrorism. 9/11 was not 19 Muslims with box cutters, yet who gives a shit?

You’re deeply sorry? I expect this shit to happen. Thank God for wine to take the edge of the sorry state of my community; lack of intelligence, lack of critical thinking, lack of common sense.

We have an election 09 June and this will help the political powers to remind us how important they are. I just heard Theresa May declare the terrorists will not prevail. What utter bullshit.
The Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham says they are extremists – what like my government that invades and kills in foreign nation states? Andy Burnham is a typical official arsehole politician with shit for brains.


I expect online sources will analyse the event. There may be theories of false flag, There may be a general conclusion it was an authentic attack. Never the less, if we keep hitting them over there, it is bound to come back to haunt us here.
Listen for the term ‘loved ones’. Listen for the BBC ask survivors and witnesses, ‘How do you feel?’ The emotional angle will be pushed and so few critical questions will be asked within the mainstream.

As I type this, BBC R4 PM programme broadcast a caller to local Manchester radio that ‘Manchester will not be defeated by this…’

I’m too cynical? Too cold?

Here we go…
Sport to conduct security reviews after Manchester attack

Archbishop Welby: “Dark evil could not over come heroic Manchester.”

As a footnote, who is Ariana Grande? I’d never heard of her.

Please, please Manchester, ask pertinent questions! Go to sites such as
TODAY’S COLUMN: Key Questions About the Manchester Bombing:

TODAY’S COLUMN: Key Questions About the Manchester Bombing

I have not watchd this, but will…


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  1. Bigmoo says:

    Russianvids on YouTube. Great critique and analysis. Another false flag/hoax etc. Just like Hebdo, Bataclan, Nice, Munich, Sandy Hook, Orlando et al. All contrived tripe.

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