People in the UK don’t realise Manchester is false flag

Nathan Stolpman interviews people from the UK on how they see things currently.  People are distraught.  There is no evidence anyone died.  A big banger went off outside the venue and no one got hurt.  The threat level is raised to ‘critical’ which is the same thing as Martial Law.  The same things happened in Paris.  Nice too.  You can’t protest in France under the emergency orders.  They want you to be scared of Arabs.  It’s a big psyop to make you suck on the teat of your government, instead of making you free, being weaned from your government.

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  1. ian says:

    an earlier commenter on another article must be full of shite if this is real, what sayest thou Lanimer?

  2. ian says:

    Is your army keyboard dodgy.?

  3. Tom74 says:

    I don’t think so.
    There were real victims, perhaps real perpetrators. It’s the ringleaders that are noticeably missing – as always.

  4. RabbiT says:

    All the evidence I have so far seen suggests total false flag. Like the girl who removed her jeans tore the leg off at the crotch to then put them back on to get a suspect tourniquet.

    The above video with the alleged 5 flashes are the same footage repeated 5 times – you can see this as the headlight patterns are always the same for the vehicles approaching one another so no helpful evidence there.

    What we need to see is damage to the building and people with convincing injuries but I can’t fine any.

    I spoke to a stranger on the subject and he advised he had seen people with serious injuries from flying screws/bolts or whatever and had seen these on Twitter.

    As I don’t do social media the question is: Can anyone find photos not on mainstream internet but on twitter to confirm there was an actual bomb not a pyrotechnic or percussion cap?

    As for the dude who had copious amounts of (fake) blood emanating from around his ankles – his demeanour is just way too calm, I’m not a coward but if I was loosing that much blood I sure as hell would not take a seat and chill I’d be bleedin’ agitated.

  5. archer says:

    Despite the significant evidence to suggest this is all codswallop, I’m disappointed to see that the views on the PJW and Brett art/EDL-type videos outnumber videos such as the above, by about 100 to 1.

    Still a way to go, people – spread the word!

  6. Bigmoo says:

    100% false flag. Its very easy to be analytical when these events are abroad (not your home country).

    Nobody has died and there was no perpetrator. I’ve written a few lines to this effect so far.

    7/7 is a bench mark UK based event. A review of the events easily prove this as fake (including a Youtube clip from Ian as a reminder).

    Moving forward to recent years. Hebdo, Bataclan, Orlando , Nice, Munich, Paris, Boston, Sandy Hook, Tunisian Beach, St Petersburg or whatever. Review one or review them all – no difference – all tripe.

    Therefore, even when they seem real and the emotional component of the brain doesn’t allow the logical part room to function. They are all fake.

    Without getting the electron spectrometer out to forensically analyse this, here are the ever present anomalies:

    ID found at scene
    22 year old dope smoking gimp
    Heavily present occultist numerology
    Known to security services
    Tweets hinting at events beforehand
    Despite the raft of CCTV – none of incident.
    Crisis actors. Strong evidence suggesting one not actually dead and turned up on tv elsewhere.
    A mother complaining about her actual dead daughter being used in photos. DM having to retract a photo accordingly
    A political outcome Op. Temperer
    Live drill at same time

    Peace to good men and stay vigilant.

  7. Bigmoo says:

    Two sources of analysis always worth a look. If you have any doubts about an event and you feel it is a hoax.

    Nathan Stolpman; Lifting the Veil.

    Cool headed analytics with candour and honesty. I even like the sound of his voice.

    2. Russianvids

    Has a good understanding of the ever present occultist numerology and has an ability to see through carbon. Good presentation skills too.

    Lots of material and useful.

    Peace and blessings.

  8. quenelka says:

    I can’t be bothered to watch the 1 hour video but I just watched the 10 minute one with the ‘trickery’
    What a load of rubbish, the guy is a moron who cannot think critically at all. He sees the editing of a far off shot multiple times to hilight the action as evidence of trickery, and the fact that a girl who runs while holding her mobile phone shakes it as some sort of suspicious evidence, also he does not understand that a microphone on a mobile phone will record sound nearby as louder than sounds further away.

    It is very important that people think properly and get a second opinion before posting damaging misinformation

    • ian says:

      Come on quenelka, every terrorist attack that I can remember were false flags, even the IRA pub bombs. Who is going to go for maximum condemnation whilst playing exactly into the hands of the government that they supposedly hate. Give me a break.

      • quenelka says:

        I am not disputing a false flag possibility, the video above that I refer to claims that the news media editing is ‘trickery’ and the person with the mobile phone footage is implied to be staged for effect, and audio dubbed on afterwards

  9. ian says:

    Real terrorists would drop a thames motorway bridge into the river or blow up an army barracks or drop two bridges into rivers bringing the country to a standstill, not explode a can of black powder in a foyer.

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