PayPal Shuts Down David Irving’s Account

Some notes from Harry Cooper’s Sharkhunters newsletter…

TRUE HISTORY UNDER ATTACK? – A few days ago we reported that the organization that was founded by WILLIS CARTO, Member #1059 and that publishes The Barnes Review and also the American Free Press recently had their PayPal, Amazon, Google and other such accounts shut down in what the guy in charge, PAUL ANGEL, Member #7086 said was a “bald face attempt to drive us out of business”.

In an email just received from BILLY O’BRIEN, Member #5880 we see that noted historian and author David Irving is also in the crosshairs. BILLY sent us a copy of a letter he just received in which Irving says that both PayPal as well as the bank he has used for more than a decade to process his credit card orders have shut those accounts on the same day AND made it quite clear that there is no appeal. Irving also wrote that ‘the enemy’ has posted details of his car with his address and invited
people to vandalize it.
Apparently ‘Free Speech’ is free…… long as it is approved – damn shame!


Good Afternoon Harry,
Sorry to bombard you with stuff, but I know this is of interest, particularly the snippet about a “submarine accident!” Took a while for the Kursk to be announced if I recall! Source is Mail Online and it is dated today.
Regards, MARCONI………

Putin sacks EVERY commander in his Baltic fleet in Stalin-style purge ‘after top brass refusal to follow his orders to confront Western ships’
• Up to 50 officers in Russia’s Baltic fleet have been sacked by Vladimir Putin
• Among those to be sacked were the head of the fleet and his chief of staff
• It came after the Baltic fleet reportedly refused to confront Western ships
• Sackings have been described in Russian media as a ‘Stalin-style purge’
Vladimir Putin has sacked every single commander in Russia’s Baltic fleet in what has been described as a ‘Stalin-style’ purge. Up to 50 officers of the fleet were fired alongside Vice Admiral Viktor Kravchuk and his chief of staff Rear Admiral Sergei Popov after they reportedly refused to follow orders to confront Western ships. Reports in Russia also suggested the purges followed an alleged cover-up of a submarine accident, flaws in recruitment and military construction projects. It comes amid an undisclosed number of other senior officers of the fleets have been fired over serious flaws in combat training and their failure to take proper care of personnel. The purges’ scope and publicity make them highly unusual for the Russian military, which usually removes senior officers in a more subtle way.

It is particularly unexpected as it follows Putin’s visit to the Baltic fleet last year in Kaliningrad, during which he praised its performance. However, there has been speculation the drastic measures were prompted after the US Navy ship the USS Donald Cook was ‘buzzed’ by Russian fighter bombers in April, which was meant to be part of a series of confrontations against Western ships in the Baltic. But international affairs analyst Peter Coates stated; ‘But the Russian Baltic Fleet, however, refused to follow such dangerous orders – hence Putin’s retaliation against his own naval officers.

Only last year Putin attended a ceremony marking Navy Day with the Baltic fleet where he was full of praise for officers. Meanwhile after news of the sackings were announced, the Moscow Times noted that ‘not since Stalin’s purges had so many officers been ousted at once.’

The Baltic fleet has become increasing significant to Russia recently with the break up of the Soviet Union and defection of states such as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The only remaining Russian enclave on the Baltic coast is Kaliningrad, the most militarized plot of land in Europe — and one of the catalysts for a planned build-up of forces by the Western military alliance on its eastern flank. Though small — about the size of Connecticut — Kaliningrad loomed large for leaders at the NATO Warsaw summit. NATO military and civilian leaders fear that Russia is using Kaliningrad to create what is known as an anti-access/area denial bubble, using systems like surface-to-air missile batteries to deny NATO access to certain areas in its own territory in the event of a conflict.

Prior to the Second World War, Kaliningrad was Königsberg, a northern district of what was then East Prussia, home of the 18th-century philosopher Immanuel Kant, and a grain, dairy and meat supplier to the rest of Germany. At the end of World War II the province fell to the Soviet Union; the 1.2 million Germans living there were expelled and the Baltic province was repopulated by Soviet citizens and became a garrison area and missile depot for the Red Army.

EDITOR NOTE – In another attempt by the Lamestream Press to sensationalize various news stories and perhaps to add fuel to their fire that Putin is a madman, comparing this to Stalin purges is idiotic. The thousands removed in the Stalin purges left office in body bags; these fifty walked out. In another bit of Lamestream Press ‘Fake News’ (we called it DIS-information or MIS-information) they like to paint Putin as a madman. He is not. I met him personally some years ago and spent about fifteen minutes talking with him. While he is indeed a hard core Russian patriot and he is very shrewd, he certainly is not a madman. Is being patriotic insanity or lunacy? In today’s mixed up and press-controlled world, maybe it is.

Keep in mind that stories in the Lamestream Press are not intended to report but rather to control.


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  1. ian says:

    Assuming that this is true, what would be the normal response to a commander refusing to carry out orders. I would have thought a court marshal and some form of punishment would be normal.

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