Meet Tommy Robinson

UK Column’s Brian Gerrish has read Tommy Robinson’s book and says he is not a racist…
Tommy was featured reporting live from Manchester on Alex Jones’ InfoWars.

Having watched and listened to him, I agree with Brian. I don’t care if he is ‘racist’ mind you; I do not care what anyone is, so long as they do not insist it upon me.
Tommy Robinson’s BANNED speech: “The British Police State”

Tommy Robinson – Q & A at Oxford Union
Tommy Robinson – Main Speech

The Rebel:

There is criticism about Tommy being taken in an unconvincing direction at Rebel Media:
… I have not looked at Rebel Media much if at all knowingly.


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  1. archer says:

    Neil Yaxley-Lennon (don’t like the alias), is an interesting character. He is a very good orator and his views and opinions certainly resonate with a certain proportion of the population.

    He does himself no favours though, due to the fact that he has a criminal record (for several offences, as I understand) and that he is allegedly a former football hooligan.

    Not sure about him not being racist – I suspect he is, but that he has to withhold those views as he knows he would be silenced by the media/government for incitement to hatred. To be fair, like Brian Gerrish, it’s up to him how he feels – that’s his Human right to espouse what he does.

    The problem I have with him is that he takes the standpoint of Islam=bad then works backward, using selected snippets of information of the faith to justify his position, rather than looking at the faith and the people as a whole.
    Yes – some muslims are far from perfect, but to focus only on that group to effectively persecute is tantamount to nazism and pretty unfair in many cases.

    If he protested against all worldly injustices equally, he would have much more of a following, IMO.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Here is a picture of Lennon with some of his fellow “assets” . Which foreign intel agency is linked to them all ?

    The clue is Robert Spencer anti-Islam activist – on the left.

    Another fat clue is that Lennon of course focuses on Islam as the root cause of our nations ills and never ever mentions zionism or israeli infiltration.

    • archer says:

      Great point made – the image tells all.

      His masters excel at subterfuge and infiltration. Any criticism of course is met with the usual old chestnut.

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