Manchester bombing false flag. Details of classic signs identified. No one hurt.

Nathan Stolpman’s style of analysing false flags is good in its detail.   A twin was seen, a classic part of how they do fase flags.  A girl being interviewed after the bombing on live TV is confirmed as deceased.  Use of crisis actors identified.  They used same girl in the interview as they did for the dead girl.  More things noticed.

Blood smears on ground don’t look real.

Follow up incident in Arndale Centre.  Typical of false events to have follow-ups.  Very unconvincing acting from supposed victim.  The usual “someone call an ambulance’ repeated over and over.  All the deceased are cute – as per usual.  Cute actresses used for interviews.

Source of ISIS claiming responsibility identified as Israeli (Rita Katz).  (I’m working on horribly slow connection with low volume at an airport, so any errors I apologise for.  I’m doing my best in difficult circumstances.  Family is not very happy about me blogging right now either!  Why doesn’t someone else listen to the video and sum it up.  Apparently we have 40,000 visits a day.)

Witnesses introducing the security agenda, saying the searches of their bags were minimal, not thorough.  It’s the state security agenda, all helpful to the Police State plans.

Someone came out on stage and told everyone not to rush but to take their time going out.

Did people really die?  Nathan thinks probably not.  They don’t kill people as the legal consequences would be too great.  It was a banger, a flash and bang which they normally set off.  It was outdoors, away from the auditorium – a strange location.  No video.  No evidence of the bomb itself.  Why is a dead girl alive on American TV?

Total rubbish from the Daily Mail Online.

Plus the inevitable drill taking place in Manchester the day before the ‘real’ event.


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  1. Dee says:

    Re the face comparison – the hair line doesn’t match with the twin he selects but it could match the OTHER twin.

  2. Dee says:

    Also, the numbers given out are not random, please check out Extra Capsa’s Blog on WordPress or Zachary K. Hubbard who analyse the numbers and demonstrate how gematria is sued to connect all these events.

  3. Dee says:

    *used, sorry.

  4. Bigmoo says:

    Attack took place at 10.33 (exact same time) as Nice. Equally, attack happened at the same date as Lee Rigby – Chris Spivvey had something to say about that.

    Queue the music. Security upgrade. Sojurs armed to the teeth, Police the same.

    The so-called assailant described as a pot smoking waster. Not exactly Jihadi material.

    There is already alot of credible material suggesting the usual hoax/false flag etc.

    Crisis actors, scripted response, unusual activity, no footage from the raft of CCTV and of course the obligatory drill just the other day.

    Stay vigilant folks and peace to all good men.

  5. archer says:

    Also no visible structural damage to the arena or any surrounding buildings.

    Big clue that this was a big fat fake.

  6. mii says:

    No one was hurt? I have family on Barra and Eilidh Macleod has been confirmed dead. Does that mean that the whole island is “in” on whatever this is and she hasn’t died?

    • Tapestry says:

      The event was a false flag. I have no information as to how any individual dies. Clearly a few deaths would be convenient to include as with 9/11. They called the false deaths vicsims – manufactured to get numbers up. The event clearly has a nonsense narrative. There will be a true narrative. We are unlikely to ever hear it. Those who have lost relatives might be aware that their deaths were not caused as described, as with many families who lost members during 911.

  7. Bigmoo says:

    Mii. Because something is described as a false flag it doesn’t mean people didn’t die. However, at Nice 250 people got hig by a white truck and nog a single mark on the truck. That takes some explaining.

    I’m going to be a little less sensitive too. I’ve heard your comment/style of comment used in other scenarios. It is a highly effective way to stifle comment or debate.

    It comes in various forms. ‘My cousin……’, ‘I lost a friend that day’, ‘ My boyfriends auntie died…..’.

    Whilst I am not directly suggesting you are/are nog doing this. I am suggesting that it is a well known troll tactic that is commonly used.

    Therefore if you did know of an individual please accept my apologies and condolences. Equally, however as this is a sensitive matter – please under stand the need for discussion. A lot of what is reported just doesn’t add up.


    • Tapestry says:

      I’ve read elsewhere that they avoid causing mass casualties and mass panics as it could ultimately lead to legal claims, as with HIllsborough. So they need to create vicsims for the media narrative.

      • archer says:

        On the subject of Hillsborough – lots of video footage of that tragic event, almost 30 years ago. The same with the Bradford City stadium fire.

        Very suspicious that in 2017, nothing at all… presumably to protect the victims dignity (yeah right).

  8. alison says:

    Been trying to quote/reinforce Tap’s 1st observation re: Id and now want to add Tap’s point re: the need to create victims without risk of legal repercussions… but funny things interfering!

    They’re not stupid… But then neither are we! LOL!!!!! 🙂 We are winning in the reclamation of our planet/home!

  9. le bar says:

    The 2 girls with glasses have a different hair line, like one has a bigger forehead, but the girl in the middle with fringe could be either and we can’t see her forehead. Still the public little pics of people in hospital etc. this stank for me when there was a teenage brother boy filming himself ‘crying’ running away from the arena! And who is the non affected ‘homeless’ man?

    • alison says:

      A true story, relevant here, methinks!

      A year or so after I left boarding school, a close friend, let’s call her Sally, asked if I had seen the photos of our mutual schoolmate, let’s call her Jane, in Vogue.

      I hadn’t so I rushed out to buy the relevant edition of Vogue. I scoured the magazine for days and nights and could not find the pics of Jane. I had lived with this girl for 7 years during term time so I should have known what she looked like pretty accurately.

      I had to go back to my friend Sally and ask her to tell me where I could find the pics of Jane and even after she’d shown me, I was still bemused.

      This tale goes back some 30 years; when you take into account the advances in technology with photo shop software and the skills of Hellyweird-type make up artists, I think the girl’s hairline could easily be modified to suit the agenda of the day.

      The teeth, ears and overall facial shape are far more indicative but even the shape of the face can be modified in the hands of the right makeup artist.

  10. le bar says:

    Also funny how Callender chick pic is one of her with Grande young people have loads of Facebook pics, and that’s the only one we get? Then in another MSN new story an ‘injured’ girl in hospital has a Grande tshirt and those 2 kids have Grande Tshirts, I think that’s weird, like very staged

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