Male Genital Mutilation Awareness Day?

Male Genital Mutilation Awareness Day?

… no, there isn’t one, so I made it up.


For those who can’t read the font…

A foreskin….
… has over 20,000 nerve endings
… is the most sensitive part of the man’s penis (funny they have to say man; who else has a penis? A hermaphrodites? Still, one only needs to say penis… I digress)
… increase the sexual pleasure for both partners (has some one actually conducted such a survey?!)
… keeps the glans healthy, clean, moist and sensitive (should that be glands?)
… protect the urethra from contaminants
… is there for a reason: he might want it someday.



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  1. rats says:

    Interestingly, my father was a VD specialist
    in the British Army. He was totally opposed to circumcision, considering it a form of medical malpractice

  2. NPP says:

    I’ve listened to interesting commentary on the issue before; perhaps it was Jeanise Barcelo:

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