Jonathan Pie Fake Comedy Fit For The BBC?!

Yep, it’s good old JP, the guy everyone loves! David Icke features him regularly. JP and Richie Allen could have a good love-in about socialist ideals. Even friends in the corporate world who still take the BBC World Service as something credible comment on liking Jonathan Pie… and he has been very funny.

But, this commentary is so full of holes. I imagine lefty social justice warriors will be lapping it up.

Jonathan, Trump is an out of his depth estate agent? Which president would suggest was not out of his depth?
Jonathan, there’s a reasonable chance there is a US administration trying to cover up a collusion with the Russians to swing an election? Is that funny? Is there a depth of humour here too deep for me? Hey, may be you could work for the BBC!
Jonathan, it’s not funny anymore? Indeed, you suddenly remind me of the BBC Radio 4 The Now Show or The News Quiz.
Jonathan, Trump is a tyrant? Is that tyrant as in Assad and Gadhafi? OK, now we’re talking… regime change!
Jonathan, Trump only takes advise from whomever is presenting Fox News at the time? Really, I’d say Trump has had tenuous relations with Fox, perhaps not as bad as CNN et al, but hardly been cosy bedfellows.
Jonathan, a Twitter fit at Meryl Streep? I’d had thrown more than a Twitter fit at that bought and paid for bimbo after her ridiculous campaign election propaganda speeches. You think you are being funny? Meryl can go take a jump, a big jump! Or sit through your comedy YouTube clips?!
Jonathan, Trump’s tax returns would end his presidency then and there? Really? Do you have information we don’t? Who in congress does have sound tax returns? How about the Clinton’s tax returns? Come to think of it, how about Clinton-Podesta-Russian relations?
Pissing hookers? Jonathan, are you really referencing the Russian prostitute golden shower Trump story as credible? I hate to tell you, but you seem to have just joined the bandwagon of promoting fake news; definitely showing signs of BBC potential.
Jonathan, making shit up about Obama tapping his phones? Nah, that couldn’t possibly be true could it? Good ol’ Bammy wouldn’t have done that, would he?!
Jonathan, Trump’s immigration policy was unconstitutional? It was Obama’s list. Are you sure you understand US Constitution?
Trump’s paranoia? I’ve watched an onslaught of establishment hounds and hacks hitting on Trump from day 1. I’d be getting a little paranoid too!
Sure, no excuse for arresting journalists asking questions, but really, when Trump calls the media fake, he’s spot on! The day he called out CNN and the BBC was a classic moment, for this dumb arse member of the voting public anyway; obviously I’m not as clued-in as your good self.

Jonathan, as far I observe the whole Russian hacking story is fake and it’s pushed day in day out on the BBC, a corporation you might apply for. Ask Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire, or is Patrick fake news as listed by the Washington Post. Good ol’ Washing Post, after all, they are the infamous Nixon-Watergate heroes, aren’t they?!

I hardly hold too much expectation of the Donald either, but I’d still take him over Hillary. I suspect a wide range of people watch JP and he’s a wonderful supporting act for the BBC as far as I just witnessed. The endless tedium coming out of the BBC regarding Russia is currently to the point of ad nauseam. JP, you just joined their ranks.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    I noticed Icke ran a piece last week saying the invasion from Jordan into Syria had already started. He’s not part of the war machine too, I suppose. The characters that appear to give you all the info you want but stop short of presenting the full meaning are usually suspect. You can sense a half story, with loads of theatricals thrown in. It’s all done to stop you from thinking, researching and acting yourself, and lead you down a blind alley.

  2. ian says:

    We agree on this Tap my friend.

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